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Showing you Still Care :
Balance between space and calling him...How to WIN him back FOR SURE.

Let a week go by after breakup. Then give a quick call just to say hello/how,r ya doin,(not a text - - a call is nicer/more personal). Do not talk more than five or ten minutes MAX. Remember, your goal is to ask how are ya. Ya gotta show that ya genuinely CARE about ,em, and NOT fishing for "where were you last nite" or "are you coming back to me, or "do you love me still?" or "do you miss me?" etc... TEN MIN MAX! Remember.

Ok, next, maybe shoot him a funny text in about a week (7 days after the call). Something short/sweet (like two or three lines MAX). This is less personal, but it,s still providing him space while keeping brief/minimal contact. Key is, keeping yer texts LIGHT and FUN (NEVER mention emotions, I miss you, where were you, are we getting back together, do you love me). KEEP IT LIGHT. SEND A FUN JOKE. SAY HELLO. DO NOT ask any questions of him....NOT ONE QUESTION.

I guarantee you, if you keep this up for a month or two, THEN you two will end up goin, out as friends. THAT is where you WOW him with your CHANGED INDEPENDENT and KIND, NON-CLINGY self. Best place to go out... NO NOT DINNER! GO to a comedy club or sports event. HE WILL LOVE LOVE LOVE you for this, and will see you as kind and giving, and will really LOVE hangin, with ya.

THIS is how you WOW ,em back.

Oh...and remember... ya GOTTA keep up the friends thing. NO FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS (FWB) or F^^^ Buddies (FB)!!!! That means, ya go to the comedy club or sport event, and then GO HOME alone! DO NOT go back to his place cuz YOU KNOW where that,ll lead! Then he will not respect you, and he,ll feel that it,s EASY to just get the milk without gettin, the cow (I love that saying).

OK, so fast forward three or four months. It may seem like a LONG time, but it,s NOT, cuz it,s worth it, cuz ya LOVE ,em, so HANG IN THERE with the friends stuff. AND BY NOW (three or four months later), he,ll SOOOOO wonder WHY you haven,t shown sexual interest in him. and he,ll SOOOO wish you would! AND futhermore, he,ll SOOOOO want to kiss you and he,ll SOOOOO miss you.

Trust me... I am doing this RIGHT NOW. And it,s working. He is wondering (and yes, he is hurt... even tho it was ME that was TOOOOOOOO clingy and drove him away). He,s already excited that I,m takin, him (in four weeks) to a basketball game. Oh, and by the way, I,m payin, for the tickets. Why? Because I want to show my independence (NOT TO Buy his love, but to show that I CARE about ,em and don,t NEED ,em to pay for everything). He so appreciated this too (even tho he,s rich and doesn,t care. It shows CLASS and CHARACTER on my part. Guys LOVE independence, class, and character in girls).

Good luck!

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