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Before you Talk to your Ex :
For every girl with a broken heart

So the guy who told you he would love you and be with forever has suddenly ripped out your heart and split it into two pieces. Why? What did you do that was so wrong? Why can't he see that you love him and are willing to make this work?
First of all he is guy, women and men are from completely different planets. Men love achievement over committment and women value commitment over achievement.
You need to establish why you want him back. Ladies I want you all to ask yourself this question. If you knew your ex would never date another girl for the rest of his life, would you still want him back? Sometimes we want them back because the thought of having to see them with another girl is too much to handle. However if you find yourself thinking about them all them time and your ex says he feels or does the same then maybe there is something there. Let me tell you, if it seems like your ex is not upset at all about the breakup you are wrong. There is no way ne1 can leave a relationship for a certain period of time with no feelings at all. So you want him back in your life girls pay close attention to these steps that can bring you closer together.

1) Realize that you are a girl, did you stop looking pretty for your man? Maybe you guys were together for so long that you never did your hair ne more or got all dressed up. Ask your ex to go for a walk with you even if it is just for 15 mins. Make sure when he sees you, you look stunning, like the girl he frist fell inlove with. men are visual creatures, if you look great chances are he wont be able to get you off his mind and start thinking about you.

2) Make sure you keep contact with him. Call him maybe once a week no more. Try and have one or two get togethers. However when you see him don't let him no how much you miss him even though you are crying inside ! Smile a lot and most of all look really good from now on every time he sees you!

3) When you get to the point where you have spent time together as friends tell him you need to have a seriouse convo with him. Explain to him you have been thinking a lot about what happened between you and you are not ready to give up the best thing that happened to you. Tell him you don't deserve a guy like him, that NEVER FAILS chances are he will tell you that you do and will flatter him. yes ladies we have to bring ourseleves down to this level but hey do you want him back or not? Also admit to him that you realize you could have been a better gf ( now this depends on why you broke up, if it was you for whatever reason admit that you were the one who was wrong take responsibility)

4) Keep talking to him and spending time with him let him see what he is missing out on, if this is true love and you were supposed to be together everything will work out

Breakups are so hard, don't let it control your life. Let your ex see what he is missing out on and most of all let him see how much you really cared about him and that you are willing to change
best of wishes

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