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getting freaky

well me and my boyfriend do some pretty crazy things but.. step1:on the bed get on top of him/her and lift his/her shirt not completley just halfway and gentley touch her/his stomache ever so gentley while kissing/frenching and kiss him/her stomach and stop right were there pants stop (teAse) while gooing back up lick and kiss in an upward motion! i personly enjoy it and when you get to his/her neck bite her/him not to hard but just enough to get them to want more! kiss pasionatly and remind them on how much you love them.
step2: sit up the girls on top GUY you take ur shirt off be sure ur the first to do so them maybe if ur lucky she will do the same and if she does dont tell her to take off her bra its a complete turn off i mean tell her be4 hand not while you guys are in the moment its just a turn OFF
step3:GIRL if you want to take it a step farthe and think ur ready hold on to the rim off the pants and gently go lower...and you know were im getting at (but you know only if you want to/curious)
step4:GUYS girls love it wen you kiss on the neck closer to the ear and whisper you love her and lick but gently no one likes a dog!!! and let her grab ur neck let her be in charge cuz girls love tht!
step5: for THE BITERS like me lol mostly 4 girl i bite hard but u should nibble gently to settle the mood then get rougher but not to rough so they can bleed or anything lol tht was my mistake!!but my man loves it
step6=HIKEYS gently kiss the neck grab a portion of the skin with teeth then suck for a good 5 sec like 1 mississippi so on so forth
good luck hope it helps

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