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Before you Talk to your Ex :
For Girls who dumped their Ex and now want him back

I,ve been on the receiving end of the dumping enough times now and I feel that I should use my experiences to help Girls who break up with their boyfriend and then regret it.

First thing is first.

Do you really want your ex back?

Go through it in your mind, or write it down' why did you break up with him? Why do you want him back?

Saying you love him isn,t a reason for wanting him back. That,s just a feeling you have because of other aspects. Reasons are more along the lines of "we have so much fun together", "We liked the same activities" or "we shared goals or hopes for the future" because these are practical and these are real. Unlike just saying it,s because you love him, which is real, but not something that it provable if you broke up with him.

So if you,ve done this and you still want him back what do you do?

The first thing you need to do is see if you can tell if he wants you back. Does he call or try and contact you all the time? If this is the case then yes he does. But this also means that he is needy or feels lost and you might not find this attractive. Getting back with an ex if they are like this is not a good plan because they will not be the same person you loved at this point. You need to give your ex time to change back into their own person. If this doesn,t bother you however just call up your ex and ask them if they will take you back. Sometimes this would be enough to change them back into who they were. But don,t be surprised if they are really lovey to you for a little while after the initial shock of taking you back.

If he doesn,t try and contact you all the time, then he may still want you back and he wants you to come back to him. As you may have got from other posts on this site, there is the no contact game which many people say works. Your ex may be doing this, he may be going out and having fun to show you that he is ready and at a point where he can take you back. If this is the case then you should just try talking to him and asking him if he wants to try again.

There is no definite way to get someone back, but if you act at the right time, then it can just work.

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