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Give it time girls

people say that it's been a week and they are still heartbroken after the break up that doesnt mean you really love them! if you were with someone for quite a while the first few weeks without them are going to be weird but not because you cant live without them. my bf broke up with me 4 months ago and im still crying myself to sleep but only because i truely did love him, if u find yourself in that position then first of all never let him see you are down, not at first anyway. act happy when your round him, even if it feels like he is ignoring you the chances are he will be watching you even if they don't still have feelings for you just to see how you are coping, for their own self esteem. show them you don't need them. because needy and clingy people who cant let go are not going to attract them back to you. when its been a few weeks and you haven't spoke for a while, the chances are he will start speaking to you even if it is just friendly. if he doesnt then after about a month or two start talking to him. just friendly. send him a text or something. if he doesnt respond give it more time but if its months and months and he wont talk to you then it really is time to give up, move on, and find someone else. i know its hard but you will only upset yourself more if you keep trying to talk to him and get no response. however if he does start talking to you, or does respond when you talk to him, then youre on the right track, just keep being friendly, asking him how he's been and stuff. if he asks you if you have a new boyfriend then you know hes probably interested. after a while of talking, if you stop talking to him first the chances are he will come to you. when this happens youre doing well. after a few months of being friends and getting along well, arrange to meet up. not like a date cause this might pressure or scare him and ruin any progress you have already made with him. guys are easily scared away if they get the wrong idea. just casually tell him by text or phone call that you are bored and wondered if he wanted to go to the cinema or out to lunch or something, if he keeps making excuses then he obviously just wants to be friends and he is catching on to the fact that you want more. if he says yes then thats very good, go along and again dont try anything. keep seeing him again more and more frenquently until you are seeing eachother quite reguarly. if and when it gets to this point, and you feel that he might be wanting you back, then maybe you should discuss your feelings with him. dont tell him your desperately inlove with him and cant live without him, because if he doesnt feel the same then you'll ruin the friendship. just tell him that you miss him and you would definately want to give you two another go because you think you were good together and you could make it work. if he doesnt feel the same, then tell him thats fine. and to just forget it and not to get freaked out, and you still want to be friends and that then try to keep friendly contact. because trust me, if you cant get over him, not seeing him at all is not the way. it may make you forget him quicker but it will be a much more upsetting process. if you have his friendship and you can talk to him when you like it might take longer, but you will always have hope and you will feel much happier about the situation.
i really hope this helps anyone in my situation because it really is a horrible one i know. good luck xxx

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