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Words Not to Say :
Play Hard to Get - Getting your Ex Boyfriend Back

For all you girls that had their hearts broken, even if you didn't go out with him for long, even if there was nothing he'd remember you by, believe me he'll miss your presence. JUST FOLLOW THESE TIPS and act like you don't care. He'll come running back, no matter how hard to get he is.

Here are some ways to get him back:

1) If you guys hang out or are in the same place with a group of friends, try to avoid him. Try to keep your distance. If he talks with you, then keep it simple and steady. Don't make it seem like you've wanted him to talk to you.

* Don't tell him you want him back - it drives him away. TRUST ME! And if you already have, then make him feel like you got over him by following the next tips!

2) Guys want what they can't have, so make him wish he never broke up with you by always looking your best.

3) If you did hang out, always try to leave the place with a group of friends. It drives him crazy and he gets curious. He'd want to know where you went

4) Make it sound like your life is better without him. Seem happy.

5) Get closer to his best friend. He can't help feeling jealous then.

6) Act like this is how you are: hard to get. Don't make it seem like you're pretending, because guys are smart

7) If he did ask you why you're ignoring him, smile and say "I'm not. :D It's just that I've been very busy." Make it seem like you have things to do.

8) Be laid back. Guys like mysterious girls, confident girls, girls that know what's good for them.

9) When you're chatting with a group of friends, and he happens to be one of them, always try to avoid his conversations. For example: you and friends are talking about something, he says something too, act like you didn't hear it. Act like you're interested in what others are saying.

10) Don't look at him in the eye if you hung out. Look and smile at others. If he asks you if you were angry at him, smile and say, "You didn't do anything wrong did you?"


12) Remember what he liked you for. Maybe when he first met you, you used to laugh and have fun, and he was drawn to that. Demonstrate your enjoyment of life now.

13) If he texts, most of the time don't text back. Only reply a few times so he knows you are getting the messages. For those few times, make the message simple, mature, and SHORT. For example, if he says "hey hows it goin?" you reply by saying "good - and you?" Do NOT reply with "HEY ITS GREAT .. what about you .. missed u" and all that.

14) If he calls, talk for a minute or two, then find an excuse to leave. Keep it short and simple, just saying "Oh I have to go, I'll call you back." Then do not call him back. Your aim is to show him you are busy and having a lot of fun without him.

15) If he opens an online conversation with you, wait for at least 4-5 minutes. Then reply in simple, friendly but calm words. Don't get too over excited. Again your aim is to show you're busy with other people.

16) When saying hi to him and friends, pretend to forget to say hi to him. If he says "Hey, you forgot to say hi!" respond calmly with "Oh, I didn't see you there."

17) If you had the chance to leave without saying goodbye, then do so. He'll go crazy. TRUST ME

18) NEVER CALL.. make him miss it!

19) Once this works, and he comes running after you, still be laid back and take him into you're life slowly. Still act HARD To GET. He'll feel more attached.


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