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Before you Talk to your Ex :

I just broke up with my boyfriend about three weeks ago, and I must admit I took the breakup pretty hard-as I was always crying. Yet, my ex has not seen one of my tears.Tears are a sign of weakness which many men dislike because they like strong women, or men will use it against you to feel superiority over you. Anyways, our breakup wasn't bad it was just because the typical line "not ready for a relationship." Fine, we still talk on the phone, and of course I've tried to talk about us and he simply says "I don't want to talk about it"! Fine, that is how he feels, then I'll just deal and put a happy face. Show you are happy and confident when you are around him. Men admire and hate condfident women (love because they like strong women) (hate it because they like to feel power over there women and your showing you are just fine without them). The thing is girls you shouldn't make your ex feel he has power over you-don't be too clingy. If your the type of girl who is always calling-you probably will frustrate him and push him away or he will take advantage of the situation...Believe me he'll call you, if he really wants to. I've come to realize that my ex does care about me, but he really doesn't want a relationship and I respect that. I made the mistake of blowing up on him, which totally shocked him-telling him I didn't wanna talk to him,but realized that it was the wrong way to go. I didn't apologize for blowing up, but I did the first move to call so he knew things were cool. We still talk once in a while, but never about us. Girls what we really need to do, and I'll say it again "let them miss us". I'm not saying to completely ignore them, but don't call everyday. Wait to see if he calls you, if he does then at least you know he is thinking about you. One thing is that don't make yourself illusion that he wants you back, maybe he just needs a friend and your that person to soothe him. When and "if" he is ready to talk, he'll come to you. The only thing is "don't spend your whole time waiting for him to call or come back", you may lose the opportunity in missing somthing great out there. In the end he lost someting good. Like the saying goes "his loss is someone else's gain. Well, ladies good luck! Life is learning by making mistakes, and a heartbreak is always a good lesson to learn of all the things we want or don't want to do in a future relationship.

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