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Before you Talk to your Ex :
I miss my ex soo much

The thing is, i broke up with him! i have always been the one that always seemed to have the problem. I had turned into a jealous, insecure bitch...but even after all that he still loved me and wanted to b with me...but then i was feeling really insecure one nyt and i realise now that the only reason i break up with him is so that i can get my jollies from seeing him crawl bak to me even wen i treat him like shit. So anyway i told him we shud break up, and he was real upset. I played the game. didnt txt for the whole week, den txt him. He didnt txt back! i gave him another couple of days and txt again. Still nothing. So i sent one message after another til he finally txt bk. He told me to stop harrassing him and to leave him alone! I was soo shocked and taken aback, i told him i wanted him and that i wanted to make love to him so he came back and we had sex. I thought things were ok and dat we wud go bk to the old routine of going bk out again, but dat was it. He just came for sex! I txt him the day after n he told me to stop txting him for awhile coz he needed to think. So i did. but then i hear from a friend that he was with a girl the whole night at a party. I was totally devasted. I knew that the trick is to show u dont care etc, but i went through the most pathetic stage where i begged him to see me and dat i loved him n i was sorry for everything i did. I finally convinced him to see me, but i just knew that he had gotten over me completely. He had this new sense of confidence and pride, and he told me he didnt want me...me as a person or me as even sex. He told me to neva txt/email/call again. NOw its been a couple of days and i cry all the time and i am depressed...i really think there is no chance of getting back with him. If anyone has hope for me, just them saying so would help me out. I am devastated and if i got him back i would treat him soo good. I love him so much iv just been selfish n f*ked up to realise it

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