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Before you Talk to your Ex :
Wishing I could have him twice....

My Ex invited me to go bowling with my cousins and he never showed and though it was just us girls we had fun. I didnt talk to him for a week if not longer then finally I went into his work, thinking he had already left, but there he was. I went to look for a movie and he came up too me and started talking like nothing happend. He asked me if I was angry and I said "How can you tell?"
I told him why I was angry and he apologized but I didnt want that to be enough, so when he asked for a hug I said no and pushed him away. And told him to go back to work and if he wanted to talk to me than to call me. So I picked out my movie and left. My mom comes out a couple minutes later and hands me a note. "Im really sorry Megan, Ill call you later at like 10." I look up and hes looking at me through the window, so I crumple it up and toss it out my window. He calls me that night apologizing up a storm, but I wouldnt budge finally he got the point that I wasnt the same as the other girls he met. So he asked me out that night. We date for 3 months not including the other 5 months we have just been hanging out. Then he starts saying why do I love you so much? I dont want to get hurt. Finally I went to his house seeming I hadnt seen him for a couple of weeks because of our work schedules. I go to his house and he acts distant. So my mom was coming to pick me up and hes just sitting there in a chair while im on his bed. I was like do you want me to wait downstairs for my mom? He says "yes.." So I go downstairs pissed as can be, and he comes down telling me he had things on his mind. And obviously that gives me the sign that hes thinking about me and him.(break up wise) Well I called him that night and I was sick of being strung along so I gave him the choice, after telling him I
didnt want to break up. I gave him the choice to either break it off, or reassure me and stay. So he made the choice.... to break it off.... Later he tells my best friend that he regrets breaking up with me but im trying to move on, I dont want to get hurt again. I LOVE HIM TOO MUCH! What am I supposed to do to make him love me again? When all I want is what we had........

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