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Here's the deal. I am 28 years old. My ex turned 22 today. That is why I'm on this site, because I never forget dates and I've been thinking about her and crying a lot today. She broke up with me in January and it still hurts like a son of a bitch. We were together just over a year, and we lived together. I had taken her to my home town twice, and had been to hers once. Our parents had met. This was it!!! We had just gotten back from doing Christmas at my brother's house in Texas, and outta the blue, she just broke up with me and refused to tell me why, and moved a block away and has basically refused to speak to me ever since. This is a girl with major depressive disorder, and on a lot of meds. But I knew all that and really didn't care. I LOVED HER. You will never find a person with a bigger heart. Not to mention, an absolute knockout. 5'10", 125 lbs, real 34 CCs, perfect body. Anyway, I absolutely lost it when she left. I was drinking almost a fifth of bourbon every night at the bars, not to mention other stuff. Every day I would wake up and feel worse. I was in sales at the time, and strangely enough, I started making more money than I had ever made. I made almost $25,000 in February alone. Figure that out. But I was a wreck. I lost 25 lbs from January to April w/o trying to or exercisins. So, I woke up one day in May and said F*%$! it!!! I quit my job and went to the rockies for the summer to clear my head, and it worked for the entire time I was gone. I even met someone else that I hung out with almost every night. Wasn't in love w/her, but it helped to pass the time. Anyway, I've now been back in town since Aug. 20, and I've been miserable ever since. It's been 11 months and I still love her desperately. I'm currently finishing my business degree and graduating in May. But I STILL love this girl so much and I don'y know why. I sae her for the first time in like 9 months 2 months ago. It was at this restaurant we both used to go to a lot. We were both alone and getting takeout. We had the usual BS small talk. She knows that she broke my heart and that she had all the power in the breakup. I couldn't resist though. At the end of our conversation I asked her if she wanted to get coffee some time. Her quote was "Yeah, could we do that please?" We both asked if the other haad the same number, we both said yes, we both said we'd call. Well, as many of my phone calls as she ignored 10 months ago, I couldn't bring myself to call her so I sent her an email like 4 weeks later and menrtioned the coffee, no response. This was 2.5 weeks ago. So I just sent her a birthday ecard, and now I'm second guessing that. I don't know what to do. I really hope that I will get over her b/c I have way too much going on right now to feel like this again. No tip, just a vent. After writing all this and reading all of the other posts, it definitely begs the question, IS LOVE REALLY WORTH IT???? Wouldn't we all be better off just having sex with eachother with no emotional ties whatsoever. I mean it's been a year and I'm still a wreck. I miss her so much!!! Baby please come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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