I Want My Ex Back

Before you Talk to your Ex :
So you want your ex back!

most people overlook the most important factor of getting their ex back. That is yourself.Why should your ex care if you cant care about yourself. If you really want your ex back then you must do the following:

1. Give your ex what they want. If they want to break up agree with them. Dont Dont Dont try to convince them. This will only show your needness. Self Respect is the key here.

2. Dont contact your ex for at least 5 weeks. It is important that your ex understands that you dont need them to be happy. This doesnt mean telling them literaly. It means you showing it through your actions. If s/he calls ignore the call. If s/he texts ignore it. Sound stupid. Yes. But trust me it works. Your ex needs to miss you. If your relationship was full of bad memoraries you need time to allow the good ones to surface. If your is ex is the one s/he will find a way of contacting you, trust me.

3. During this time you should be moving on. Work onyourself, tell yourself you dont need her or him. Whenever you have a weak moment for crying out loud dont call your ex. But instead call a friend. Really lean on your friends but dont contact your ex.

4. Work on yourself mentally and physically. The best way of doing this is by joing a gym. Go and pump some iron or lose that stomach that you have always wanted too. The exercise will allow you to build confidence. Dont indulge yourself in self pity. If you do forget about your ex youve lost her or him.

5. Go out with friends and meet new people. If your asked on a date go for it. Doesnt mean you have to have sex with them or anything. BUt it will allow you to find yourself and question whether you still want your ex.

6. A pakistani proverb saying that "like attracts like". So if your happy and are always postive you will attract likeminded people. Everyone wants to be around happy people because its fun.

7. If you are still missing your ex at the end of week 5 and she has contacted you then move on s/he wasnt the one, and by now you would have to much self respect to go and beg for someone who thinks they can do better than you. Remember no one is better than you, your special and only that someone special will see it.

So to summarise:
1.give your ex what they want.
2.if your ex broke up with you dont contact them for at least 5 weeks. Otherwise your needness will show and you'll push them away even further.
3.Move on.
4. Talk to your friends until they can take no more. Their your friends after all.
5.Physicall exercise.
6.Go out and party. Meet new people, make new friends.
7. Think positive always smile.

NB Remember, the best way of getting your ex back is by not chasing after them but working on yourself. If your ex is the one she'll come back after all she went out with you for a reason and it wasnt because she felt sorry for you.

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