Breaking Up:
How to Break Up

*Luke heres advice*
talk to her ,ask her whats wrong ,why u acting like this and most important ask her does she still love u
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*Urgent help needed*
Hi there,

I am a 16 year old male and i have been in a relationship for 1 year and 10 months now and she is a great girl who i am with its just that i dont seem to have a 16 year olds life anymore i feel like i have a ball and chain around my ankle, i am nearly scared of my own girlfriend and it is getting me down.

When we first started going out together we had a great relationship together we did silly things like play fight and i used to grab her bum and we used to giggle about it but now she tells me to get off or stop it. another thing that is getting me down about it is that we dont seem to have much of a sexual relationship anymore when i go to make the move she just says i cant be bothered or i am too tired, i know when she is tired and most of the time she says it, she is not tired so it must be an excuse.

i like flirting with girls...not sleeping with loads and loads of them just flirting and going out and having a laugh with them, i prefer girl company i think.

i am terribly sorry this is long winded but i need urgent help.

i dont know whether to finish it and if so how would i do it as i get on with all of her family and i feel that i am letting them down aswell we all get on together.

Please reply to this post as i urgentlly need some help with this issue.

Thank you in advance

---->> Luke, this is a form to tell stories, not ask questions. Please go to the following page to ask your question:

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7 years together and i still don't know!
My boyfriend and I have been dating for 7 years. We broke up once and got back together when I don't think I was ready yet. We have been together again for 2 years and all I can think about is that one day I may regret not having seen what else is out there or dating other guys. I have no idea what to do, but I am 24 and very confused. I think he knows something is up because he has been being so great lately and even talking about getting our own place together. We get along so well, we hardly ever fight and people tell us all the time what a great relationship we have. I love his family and mine really likes him too. But I just feel so lost to be in a relationship this long and have not had a chance to get out and see what else there is. How do I ever tell him this stuff without his heart breaking to pieces??? The only thing I can come up with is tell him the truth. I really feel that is the best thing, because he might be feeling the same way!
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A gul shud never propose a guy
A gul shud never ever propose a guy coz they don understand the true love
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Abusive partner
Ummmm I have like sorta of an abusive partner I love him to death and don't have plans to break up or end the relationship. I do believe when your partner reaches that point you must conversate. I try talking to him it works sometimes I admit. But I hate the fact that he's more abusive when his friend are around or that he say's things to me to make himself feel better. I sometimes want to end this relationship but I don't think im capable of
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when i first met you
I was afraid to talk 2 you
When I first talked 2 you
I was afraid to like you
When I first liked you
I was afraid to love you
Now that i love you
I am afraid to lose you
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after a while
After a while, u realize, that if he cant see what an amazing and beautiful person u are, then he doesnt deserve you anyway.
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Be Sure About yourself first...
Be sure you can be happy with yourself before finding someone else..
And once you find someone else, make sure you can still be happy with yourself with that person.
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Be sure of your decision..
I was in love with my girlfriend for 2 and a half years. The first 18 months were amazing and I felt like I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this girl. After that, things slowly started to change and we began to argue a bit more and such. After 2 years we were arguing every week and all of it really took a toll on my feelings and confidence in the relationship. After two and a half years today I decided it was time to end the relationship. I thought about it for about 2 weeks and a few days ago I decided to tell her. It went horribly and she ended up convincing me to rethink everything. I told her I needed some time to sort everything out. I was totally torn as to what to do...I loved her but at the same time couldn't take the stresses of our relationship any longer. Today I went through with it and told her I wanted to end it. She cried for hours wanting an explanation. I felt terrible and she was a bit hysterical..not fun. I am now sitting at home questioning as to whether or not I made the right choice...looking at pictures of us together I just started to cry wanting nothing more than to have her back, but at the same time knowing I probably made the right choice by letting her go. I always told her that I would never let anything come between us, and now look...If you're thinking about breaking up a serious relationship, be SURE it is what you want to just may end up regreting it for the rest of your life....
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Be Yourself
It always important that in any relationship a person needs to be himself/herself. One loves you for what you are so why change after starting a relationship??? It means he/ she does not love you for what you are any more.., But looking for someone else within you.. So sit and talk, try and work it out, if not, quit..A break up is anyday better than make up for the wrong reason...
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Best For You Both
In the end, as much as it might be hard for your partner to accept this, if you don´t want to be with your parter, it´s best for you both to break up. Even if your partner really wants to stay with you, if you do not love your partner any more, the relationship cannot work. Both partners need to be fully committed to a relationship for it to succeed. If you no longer feel that way, no amount of effort on your partner´s part can fix that.

Keep the conversation simple, and don´t bog down in details. But help your partner see that you *both* deserve people with whom you truly match up. Your partner deserves someone that can see his/her special aspects and truly appreciate them. If this is not you right now, then you would not be fair to your partner to keep the relationship going.

This might help your partner see how the breakup is in both of your interests.
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break up via e-mails...
i think breaking up with someone can be done in many ways including e-mails.when u use dis way,it doesnt mean u r coward,in fact its 1 of d most calm way to express d sour feeling,especially for gals...because most of d gals r emotional n prefer not to face their partners when delivering this kinda news..they don have enough courage or guts to hurt their partners n to c his face when he hears dis news n finally end up by getting more emotional n reuniting again.but when expressing thru e-mails,they can actually sit,think n type calmly n express whateva they wanna say without fear.this not only good for d gals but also for d guys whom receiving the gives guys d chances 2 sit n read them calmly n slowly understand d situation n wat d gal actually wanna say n hw do she feels deep in her heart...n at d same time it can avoids any kind of unpleasent response like bursting out or slam d car door.but remember gals,u must also give him chance to talk over dis matter.respect his views n listen wat he says first...clear all d doubts n answer him if he ask any..don juz let d relationship end with lots of Question mark..clarify everythin n take a wise decision...
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Breakin up...a FAMILY!
I've been with what i THOUGHT was the love of my life for 10 years...long story short, i got sick to death of hearing " Your nuts, i never did anything wrong!" over the course of many years. never being right gets old fast, BUT, when you promised yourself as a kid that you would give your kids a better HOME life then what you had, and fail (YES, its not ALWAYS the guys fault) you feel like you failed to keep your promise...but...most of all, you failled your beloved child! But, as i sit here typing this, i realise order to make my daughter happy, i must be happy myself! I sure hope for HER sake i made the right choice!
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Just ask them for a discusion , and say that it's a serious matter.
If he/she isn't showing any caring of this ''discusion''
u kno wat to do...break up...

If he/she isn't trying to look at u and he/she talk about other thing....same wat u need to..break up...

If he/she really love u...they get depressed and tell u wat happened

this might not be the best way tho....
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Breaking up
Dont forget about the past but dont hold on to it or it will eat you away but instead love the present.
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Breaking up
You'll Never Be able To Forget The One You Once Loved
For Trying To Forget the One You Love
Is Like Trying To Remember
Someone you've Never Met.
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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do...
But if BOTH partners aren't in whole heartedly, it can be stressful and hard. It must be done. To keep yourself from regretting the breakup, remember all the things that brought you to that point. That will help transition to being a stronger person. Know that you did the right thing and followed your heart.
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Breaking up with him without hurting him
This afternoon i am going to break up with my boyfriend. We've only been going out for a month and a half but I just feel liek it's not working. We have been friends for ages and all that sort of went away from the moment he asked me out.
When I tell him this I know i am going to feel guilty because i have a feeling he likes me quite a bit and that he isnt expecting it. I was thinking of waiting a little but then I realised that there was no point. If you really believe its nnot going well and its not going to improve then just get it over and done with.
This afternoon im simply going to tell him the truth: face to face. As I see him every day at work I feel a text or note would just make it seriously awkward. Im going express that I just liked it best when we were friends which i know may sound so typical but in this case it really is the truth. I just hope that when it is done, he wont look at me like ive wounded him too badly. I hate causing pain, especially to people i do care for.

If you are thinking of doing the same thing, try and imagine the scene. Don't reherse too much but I think it helps to imagine how he will react and ways you could make him feel better without sounding too smug or cliched (for example: you deserve some1 SO MUCH better).
Good luck to anyone, rght now im quite nervous but I think I will feel a lot better when it is done. Hopefully tonight I can feel not only guilt but a lot of relief pass over me.

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Breaking Up???
Well my name is Juan and it is extremely hard for me to brake up with my girlfriend of 2yrs and counting. From what I've read from the breaking up tips I managed to borrow some lines like "growing apart," "different interests," and "not the right one anymore". It's hard for me trying to brake up with my gf because I was never the one trying to brake up with a relationship, it was always my ex's who broke up with me, and since I know how it feels, it is hard for me to do so. I know that it is hard and that I will pass through a difficult time but after time I hope that GOD brings me happiness!!!

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Broken heart
Someone can break your heart over and over, but eventually the peices become to small to break.
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can't live without
Boys suck even though you love them and can't possibly live without them
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I have been with my boyfriend for a year and change. He is a sweet heart. Always trying to be romantic and always there for me when I need him. From the start I knew he wasnt the one but I gave it a shot anyway just because I knew he was falling for me and I thought I might actually start developing feelings for him too. He never caused me any harm, he has always been there but because I am not attracted to him I know I dont always put 100percent into the relationship. I do try to be the good girlfriend but naturally I just can't and he can never understand why sometimes my mood changes so drastically. I have tried to tell my boyfriend last week that I dont want to be with him anymore but the second I look into his eyes and see how much he loves him I change my mind and start thinking soon I willl Fall in love with him. SOmetimes, I hate myself for pretending to be someone I am not but maybe one day I will just have to tell him the truth.
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Do it face-to-face
If you are planing to break up with someone who just wasnt right for you, the best thing to do is to tell them in person. It might be the hardest thing in the world to do, but atleast you're not taking the cowards way out.

I loved my bf so much. Our relationship came to an end yesterday. In the worst of ways. Over messenger. I know I'm the one who f*ed it up. His excuse was he was affraid of being attatched. The "its not u, its me" line.

There is no easy way to let someone you once cared about go. If you do it through messenger or over the phone, they might not respect you anymore. They might feel that you weren't worth it anyway or cared about them really. They might think that you weren't man enough to tell it to their face and this might cause problems if you want to still stay friends with them.

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do it for urself
when you like him & he likes you but he doesn't want to get that serious, dont stay with him for a long time hoping that he will learn to love you and take you more serious. YOU CAN'T CHANGE A GUY. no matter how much you try. it seems like the hardest thing on the earth. but do it. do it for yourself. keep your dignity. dont let him bring you down. dont let him make you beg for love.
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Do u really love him?
Is he the one who brightens up your life everyday? but at the same time u to still argue almost everyday, I think u need to end it i was dateing my boyfriend for 1 year and we fought everyday but slowly it was like i started careing about him less and less and finally i was fed up with him and i ended it he was so controlling dindt ever want me to go anywhere but i moved on and found somebody else and its wonderful if ur a teen ur realationships are just setting u up with the real ones so take some lessons!!!!!
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Don't look at me, 'coz i won't. Don't talk to me, 'coz ill try not to. Let's just be pure strangers.
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Don't AVOID the red flags!
Women are known for this, "woman's intutition"... some men have it to, but most men think with other parts of their body verses thier head. My advice is to not ignore the red flags. If you see some traits that your not fond of, for instance, wierd phones calls (and he walks out the room when the cellie rings), spending more time with your best friend, inablitiy to be fully honest with you, stills talks to his ex girlfriend, bad body language (studying body language is not a bad thing, it really enlightens your perspective of the person), and not to mention, if this person is afraid to meet your parents, pastor, or anyone you value for guidance, those I just listed with of course a host of many other red flags, you should seriously break this off, it's bad for your well-being.
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Don't Be Afraid
My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly three and a half years. Some would wonder as to why the two of us have settled down at such a young age, and they're right! Things should have ended about a year and a half ago, when things really started to go downhill. Our sex life has gone down the drain, he no longer shows any affection, we argue about everything, and he's just plain grumpy all the time. I don't feel like I have anymore of his respect, and I don't know why. Breakups are heart wrenching and absolutely horrible to experience, but sometimes, a relationship just won't work. I feel like I am growing more into a woman, and he is still stuck in boyhood. He feels he is invincible and the future is far away. We have come close to breaking up plenty of times, but we always end up agreeing to "work" on it. Everything is usually nice and splendid for about a week, then its back to the old bitter couple. It just isn't worth it. I am constantly worrying about whether or not something I'm going to say is going to upset him. He's like a time bomb. All day and every day. To make things worse, I practically abandoned my friends and grew close to his friends. Now if we break up I'll be left with nobody. That used to scare me, but not anymore. I am much more ambitious now and I know I am a friendly person who does not have a difficult time making friends. There are just so many problems that we both have, we've just simply grown apart.

Don't think the rest of your life is going to hell because you spent such a large chunk of your life with them. It's better to leave them rather than waste anymore of your time. Honestly, after this relationship, I no longer believe in soul mates.
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Don't change for anyone
"I want people to love me, but it's not going to hurt me if they don't."
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Don't feel guilty if it doesn't turn out as planned...
I have been going out with my boyfriend for 7 months now. Recently we went on a break. It was my idea and helped me sort my feelings out. I'm going to explain all my feelings to him and ask him how he feels as i feel that he has similar feeling to me on the matter.
It was good while it lasted and i hope we can still be friends, he's come to feel more like a brother to me tan anything else.

My tip: If you feel like things aren't working. Don't feel guilty, it's not your fault. Write your feelings down on paper, and explain to him.
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Don't just dump the person with no explanation.
To dump someone without so much as a phone call is insensitive, cowardly and immature. It shows an utter lack of disrespect and insensitivity towards the other person. Imagine finding out you have been "dumped" and not knowing it for days. All the while, you are trying to call, e-mail and/or text message this person who seems to have dropped off the earth. Breaking up is difficult anyway, when it is done correctly, which means in person, without arguing. To dump someone leaves that person wondering what he/she said or did wrong or whether he/she wasn't attractive enough, etc. Chances are that person will get the wrong idea and will be far more devastated by this method of breaking up than if you had cared enough to do it in person. Don't be a jerk and dump someone because you are too immature to do it right.
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Don't listen to others!
Don't listen to "tips" like on here, everyones situation is different, you know what you have to do
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Don't wait for the 'Right Moment' Just do it!
I recently had to break up with my boyfriend of 6 months because he was moving... Well in between there i didn't have much of a choice, but i was already thinking about the break up way before he suddenly decided to move and not tell me. This in my case gave me a perfect chance to do it without hurting me or him too much. I came out for the better for both of us since he was starting school again and going to a new city all over again, I didn't want him to have to worry about me since at the time i was still in high school.

So don't wait for the "right moment" so to speak because it will only get harder down the road. Do it for the both of you and really think about what you are about to say to that person...
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Dont BS
if your gonna break it off dont make up reasons, tell how you feel and refrain from using the classic line "it's not you its me" tell them your opinions. by letting them know what you think they will better understand and ease some of the break up tension. Also when your the one who wants to break it off don't say things like "i feel WE'RE drifting apart" it might only be you so be considerate of the other. good luck
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Don´t Use the Phone
Never leave a break-up phone message! That is a cop-out that saves you the "hassle" of dealing with another person´s feelings. If you are afraid of how your soon-to-be-ex will handle the news, bring along a friend, but go in person. Your ex deserves it, and dealing with negative situations is a life skill that you will need yourself as you go through life.

Correlaries to this are: do not break up via email or on the phone. See above.
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Don’t waste the time
Don’t waist the time with incorrigible person find a way to get over not an other person to forget forever
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Even after the ring?
Me and my fiance can't seem to agree on what best for the both of us or our two kids thats involved. (my son and his daughter).

I just recently accepted a position at a new job that will not allow us to see us as often as before. And from this he has taken this motion as I don't want to spend time with him or futhermore continue to be with him. Me and this man have been the hell and high water, and all of a sudden this. I can't understand.

And if this isn't bad enough he can't seem to keep our business out of the streets. I'm constantley telling him what goes on in our house stay in our house, but I'm just so tired of people from the out side coming to me telling me my business better than I can. I am just feed up with it, I really can't take ANYMORE!

So I prepared to lie it all down. I'm ready to tell him that if were not both on the same page with our family plans, and our agreement to stick to the "relationship rules" Than maybe we aren't meant to be after all.

It's better to end it before we take it to that other step and thing really get bad.
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Ex-Factor By Lauryn Hill
It could all be so simple
But you'd rather make it hard
Loving you is like a battle
And we both end up with scars
Tell me, who I have to be
To get some reciprocity
No one loves you more than me
And no one ever will

Is this just a silly game
That forces you to act this way
Forces you to scream my name
Then pretend that you can't stay
Tell me, who I have to be
To get some reciprocity
No one loves you more than me
And no one ever will

No matter how I think we grow
You always seem to let me know
It ain't workin'
It ain't workin'
And when I try to walk away
You'd hurt yourself to make me stay
This is crazy
This is crazy

I keep letting you back in
How can I explain myself
As painful as this thing has been
I just can't be with no one else
See I know what we got to do
You let go and I'll let go too
'Cause no one's hurt me more than you
And no one ever will

Repeat Hook

Care for me, care for me
I know you care for me

There for me, there for me
Said you'd be there for me

Cry for me, cry for me
You said you'd die for me

Give to me, give to me
Why won't you live for me
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Exhausting, but Worth It
Be gentle. Remember that no matter what article you've read to help psyche yourself up, it's still going to be that person you fell in love with however long ago. They may have changed, you may have changed, you both may have changed. That is besides the point (unless they are psychotic or serial killers). They are still human beings and be respectful of others feelings.

Always be gentle but DON'T prolong the pain with indecisiveness. It's unattractive, quite bimbotic, ridiculous and trust me, when all is said and done, your tact, gentleness and firmness/constancy by sticking to your guns will be what he or she will remember you by.

We all have memories. Some of them are very painful. Don't create more of those for others or yourself. Time will heal with your consideration. Some wounds take many decades to heal and some never do. Not to sound terribly dark, but don't be one of them. Be kind!
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my tried and tested method for splitting up. Have some really rampant sex with your partner, then immediately excuse yourself to the toilet. Write 'you're dumped!' on the toilet roll then rotate it. wait til your ill fated other half goes to the loo, then get dressed and RUN!!!

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focus on feelings
breaking up can be hard for you and ur ex make sure that you NEVER use the old lines (e.g its not you its me, its not working, i like someone else) keep it straight and true because if your not true to your feelings and his then how on earth is he ment to feel?
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Get it Over with!
When you feel it is time to break up with someone, just do it. Don't think that you or the other person is going to change for the better. The time that you spend trying to figure out the best way or reason, you can be missing out on valuable time for yourself and others. The relationship on gets worse the longer you drag it out. Do it and leave it alone, the longer you wait the worse the whole thing will be.
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My husband left me 2 months ago. in 23 years of my life I've nevere endured as much as I did in last 2 months. Now I know what hell is, and I know what heaven was. I feel old before being mature enough. I'll love you till the day I die.
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Gold - Beverley Knight
When its not your choice to break up - this will make you feel alot better about yourself, after listening to this you should be able to pick yourself up - realise you deserve better & get on with things xx
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Good bye my lover - James Blunt
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After a while you begin to realize that there's a difference between holding a hand and falling in love. You begin to learn that kisses don't always mean something, and promises can be broken as easily as they are made, and sometimes, goodbyes really are forever.
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Healthy Change
It's not harmful to work on changing certain areas that benefit you and your partner. Work hard at it and it will become the norm and you will be happy you did.
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Help needed
I duuno of my boyfriend wants to break up with me....we had an argument about 1 1/2 months ago ...since then he had acted abit starange with me....but i also had he courage to ask u love me ? and he replied yes.....but i dunt know why i feel he wants to leave me....his family is forcing him to get feeling he only wants to be with me till my exams..and not screw my exams because he knows it is important to me.....i really duuno if he wants to be with me or not....
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How do you know when It's time
I have been with my bf for 2 and a half years. In the beginning, everything was amazing. I always felt loved and apprciated, Now that time has passed I feel like he is always taking me for granted. Assuming that I will always be here so why should he make me feel special? The truth is all he is doing is making me feel like shit. He makes me feel unattractive and sad. But I love him, I don't know what to do. I am tired of this treatment and I don't want to end things yet because I am not ready for it. But the problem is if I bring this up to him he will get fed up with me and I know he will be like fuck it. So ahhh I don't know what to do HELP
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How to Break Up
Breaking up is never easy. There is alwasy two sides to each story. I read several of the tips, because I just broke up with my boyfriend via email and breaking up via email or messenger is not being COWARD. This person is doing the best that they can do at the time and may have valid reasons for doing so. I just broke up via email and certainly don't consider myself a COWARD. I did this to take care of myself because he has show signs of rage. I owned the part I played in the relationship and sent him this email:

Again, I wish I could sit across the table from you and tell you this, but this is the best I can do.

I feel that neither one of us is happy. I know, I’m not and I feel your not.

I have made several errors in this relationship. Let me explain.

The first one is using the words “No matter what.” I said those words with good intentions, however I was not able to live up to the integrity behind them and I now know just how much power I carry with my words and hope that I will do better in the future.

Second, I also said that I was willing to work on our relationship and that the work would be tough and most people wouldn’t want to do it and it is indeed too difficult for me to do.

We, I used the words “I love you”, without really knowing what that means. Love, true love means that both partners hold each other in warm personal regard most of the time. True love, also carries with it respect for the other person. When I told you “I loved you”, I used those words too loosely, then the new wore off. When we got serious about our relationship, it wasn’t fun anymore and relationships should be fun. I just don’t have these feelings anymore. Relationships are work and I know that, but when you have to work just to like each other something is wrong.

Our relationship has given me several blessings – I now value my worth and I know I’m here to serve God. I thank you and God for teaching me these things.

I hope you will be able to accept my apology, if not today, maybe one day.

I also, realize you are going to go through a lot of emotions again, and again for my part in that I deeply apologize

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How to really break up with your damn boyfriend.....
Well first of all stop being such a little punk and call the damn boy and just break up who gives a damn how he feels you have to make yourself happy this is what he gets for putting you through so much if its not working its not working get over it. it shouldnt matter anyway he wasnt making you happy so whats the point of being with him. this advice is mainly for my friend adi who is slow and is taking forever to break up with her boyfriend she is scared and doesnt know what to say
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I always thought I knew...
Me and my lover are still in love with eachother, but we argue sooo much that the only way I could see getting off the roller coaster was to break up. Although I have been miserable, I feel lighter knowing that I won't be arguing. I have always felt it better to just break things off and move on, but how do you do that when you are still in love and can't get along????
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i dont know
me and my boyfriend have been going out for 4 months and in the beginning it was great but then idk i just didnt feel the same way after like the 2cd month. i hate to be mean and stuff but idk what to do. its not fair to him and he lives far away from me and we dont see each other as much as we could. i always tell him why me. and he says bc i love you. and that junk then it hurts me inside bc im going to break this boys heart and im in this reltionship outta pitty i think. i dont really love him anymore. HELP?!!
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i dont understand....
i'm still in love with my boyfriend and he is my first boyfriend. but he told his friends to call and threaten my brother after i said not to. he told them to jump him at the mall this saturday. it really hurts me to hear about that but my bf is denying all of it. he said his friends are lying to me b/c they dont like me. i cant date him much longer, my family will make me break up with him. how do i break up with him, everytime i try he starts crying and like guilts me into not doing it!
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I hate him but I still love him
He made me feel special, and he was always around when I needed him the most. I was madly and deeply in love with him; he meant the world. As time went by, his heart grew colder .I put effort into making things work. I guess it never occurred to him that what I gave him that was so special was my heart. He would only complain about how miserable his life has become. Yelled at me and made me feel as if I had no purpose in his life. Evey time that i would look into his eyes, all i can think of is how badly I would like to shout " I'm sorry I cant do this anymore". But I cant because as soon as I start to utter those few words he tells me that he loves me. And it sets me back now a couple of miles. I guess the time will come in which i wont bare anymore of this silent torment, and would one day have enough courage to say "I don't love you anymore".
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i know its hard
im in a relationship at da mo bu am afraid that i no longer like my boyfriend..i love him soo much bu we are 4ever arguing now nd i feel as if i cant cope! i ave alota stress with work and family at da mo 2 nd i reali dnt need 2 b fighting with him bu it seems as if he dosnt even care anymre i reali want 2 end it bu find it hard,, ive been worrying all day of wat iam ment 2 say..bu ive cme 2 da conclusion dat i shud stop worryin of wat 2 say nd jst tell him im unhappy with our relationship its unfair on him as well as me.

i will not no wat 2 say until i say it but i no dat wat will come out wit is from my heart nd not frm some1 elses it is smefin u reali need 2 do on ur own nd im jst hoping im making the rite choice ..

..member loving sme1 nd liking dem r 2 completly different fings u may love sme1 with all ur heart bu yet realise that u r not right 4 each othr ...u no ur loven da wrong guy bu cant help ursel ..i belive dats da worset position 2 b in!
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i love him , i will break up with him
well 2 years ago i was in a one-year relationship with a guy, he went for 2 years to study abroad , we lost contact then he came back and got back together.
I still had feelings for him and he too " that,s what he says" but sometimes h treats me like a princess and sometimes like crap !!! i just cant go on like this ! i feel that he doesnt love me ..maybe he just got used to me or he still havent found someone better , but as soon as he will he,ll not give a damn about me and i know that !
i know that i will be better without him. full stop
....anyway what i would like to show here is that love aint enough sometimes ....u just need to be strong and let go of what seems to be "your all" !then u will realise how dumb and blind u were and that you deserve a MUCH better person. though it will hurt u letting go just be patient and everything will be just fine.
wish u all the luck !!!
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i love him.but i cant take it
My boyfriend and i have been going out now for a month. We have been going out for a year yet we broke up for about two months . He didnt ask me out until last month. I should of listened to my friends and said no to him but i canr i love him to much. My friends dont like the way he treats me because in the end i am the one who always gets hurt. Everytime i walk past him in the halls he is just all over another girl, he makesno attempt to say hi or really have a conversation with me. He sees me walk by him , he knows i am there. It hurts me so much to see him go and do that. but i like him to much ot let him go. but sometimes that is always the right thing to do. Please help me with your thoughts.
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I need help
my boyfriend wants me to be clingy one moment then the next moment he doesn't want me to be. I mean it plays havic on my feelings and it brings me to the piont of tears what should I do.
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I'm going to run. (This one's kinda long)
I know that many people on this site may look down upon me for how I am going to break up with my long-term boyfriend.

But you guys sound like you are/were in deep and meaningful relationships with deep and meaningful people.

My boyfriend is the total opposite, I actually believe he is dead on the inside. He is about as apathetic as they get.

I have been going out with this guy for well over a year now and he still makes me feel like the only reason he is going out with me is because it is convenient for him. We live quite close to each other and I tend to let people boss me about and tell me what to do, we've had about two fights in the whole relationship.

I have felt this way for a long time. Possibly since day 1. I just always assumed that he was like this because we hadn't been going out very long but there is only so long I can believe this for.

I really feel that I need to be with someone who needs me.
So this is what I plan to do:

All I have to do is start off a small petty argument. This guy won't shout at me or anything. All he will do is stop talking to me. Literally the second I p*** him off he'll go silent. This has even happened whilst I'm at HIS house which can be very awkward.

Literally this guy will NEVER bother to speak to me again for the rest of his life, unless I ring him up and apologise for whatever I did (Even after a year, that is how apathetic he is).

The only difference is, that this time i'm not going to ring him up and apologise for whatever I did (be 10 minutes late or whatever).

This is how my first proper relationship is going to end. I feel as though this guy has robbed me of my youth

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If he persist.. just send a letter
I tried to break up with my bf of seven months, but he always conviced me not to leave him, but he always behaved like a jerk. One day I told him I felt strange, that I don't miss him anymore. He called me again, so I send him a break up letter saying the same I told him in person. I don't know what his reaction will be, and I don't really care!
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If they dont need you...
Then you dont need them...
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If things arent going right
If your always upset and unhappy, always arguing over the stupid stuff, always getting blamed for everything, never getting trusted, and just feel like there is nothing you can do...maybe you in a bad relationship and you should just break up already!!!
If your with somebody and scared to break up because your afraid to be alone or afraid to hurt that person, or just because you dont want to see that person with somebody else...thats not good. Just do it and things will be better for both of you. The longer you wait the harder and more painful it will be. There will be someone who will make you happy, make you feel how you want to feel, and treat you how you want to be treated.
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If you aren't clicking use this...
A relationship really needs two fully committed people, so if one of us doesn't want to be in the relationship any more, it's best for BOTH of us to end it. I'm really sorry but I'm not feelling it the way I think you are. I really need someone I can relate to more easily. I say "I love you" without knowing the real sense of the word and I think you would be better off with someone else. Im' too immature to be dating someone like you. Again, I'm really sorry but I don't think we should be boyfriend and girlfriend anymore. Being friends is ok with me if it's ok with you. I don't mean to offnd you at all. Please don't take this the wrong way.
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If you were in love but then started growing apart
If you like a boy and you thought that everything was going great when you were in love and then everything started to slowly change. Well if you feel like you don't want to string him along well just simply say that you just want to be friends and you hope that he doesn't hate you because you really want to be able to be there for him and be able to at least talk. hope this works for you.
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If you´re sob-prone, write it out
Never email or snail-mail a break up letter, but if you know you´ll break down and be unable to talk, one option is to write out why you felt you had to break up, and bring the letter along. That way if you become unable to speak, you can still hand your partner the letter and sit while he or she reads it. Be there to talk about it (as best you can) and to answer questions, but this might help get you through the main part.
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im i freshmen in highschool and i have a girlfriend who i dont think likes me even though she says she does one time i went to one of her basketball games and after she was eating and i walked up to talk to her and she told me to leave and she has ignored me when shes mad over pointless shit also she is popular and thats going to suck when we break up for me she doesnt hug or kiss me in or after school i think shed rather be with her friends then me and she laughed at me when i got glasses and her friends were nicer to me then her and if someone is laughing at me she wont say anything
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It is harder than i thought
My boyfriend and I have been going out for two year now and I can't really explain what sort of relationship we've had because there have been a lot of ups and downs. Well, the one thing that I hate about him is insecurity.

Last night I had a huge argument with him because we both decided to talk about our past relationships and when I said something, he criticised me. This is when I realised that it is never going to work out for us. We can’t seem to have a normal conversation about other men or women even when they are just friends.

So I am ready to break up with him but I just don’t know how to do it this time. I have tried it before but he can’t accept the situation. I feel like if I ignore it and move on, then we would both be wasting each other’s time.

May be I should write a letter, this way he would understand why… rather than telling him and then forgetting what I told him. Well GOOD LUCK to me.

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Its just so hard fo me to say goodbye!!!
Ive been with my boyfriend for a while now and we argue all the time. he also has ways of puting me down and calling me parents dont except him so it makes it 20 times harder for me. i dont want to leave him because its not alwayz like this with me and him we can be the happiest and not so happiest couple sometimes i think its the best thing to leave but i just dont know i love him to much...
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just do it........
when you brake up just think of thing to harden your heart. that way its a whole less painful ,and well you probably wont even care. if u cant do that then just listen to music that makes u angry ,when you listen to anry music its suppose to make you angry, over all just try to get angry before you brake up.
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just dump the guy
if you really want to break up with your boyfriend just go to there face and say we need to talk and then just lay down the truth cause thats wat i do cause my boyfriend didnt even spend time wit me and it really hurt more then you think it does

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just end the realtionship, dont change your mind
don't ever tell you boyfriend that you "need to take a break", when you need to end a relationship they will take it as... "well, i still want to be with you & i love you, i just need some space." i told my boyfriend this, and we are still together.. i really need to end our relationship, he is too controling, and peronoid. ever since i told him that i needed to take a break, it is so hard to end the realationship.. it makes the hurt 10 times worse.

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Learn to Accept
My boyfriend broke up with me 6 months ago, yet we are still friends. One of the few rare times I have seen such a thing work to some extent. It took me a while to trust him but he knew how important he was to me. The relationship was long distance then not so we'd spend loads of time and then long distance then not then again long distance (all in about 6 months!). So it was a little crazy.

I was hurt by the break up but I accepted that it was what he wanted and it was what would make him happy. I loved him enough to just want him to be happy. He first told me he wanted a break, those words to me meant break-up. So then a few days later it was made official. I didn't like it, but I didn't want him back if he didn't want to be back. I had to learn to accept what he told me about his feelings and how the distance was too hard and that he felt we became friends because I had no other logical choice.

Learning to accept such a thing is hard. I cried myself to sleep for a few weeks, put everything that reminded me of him (for the most part) in a box and put the box in the corner of my room. But as time went on I accepted the relationship was really over and that I wasn't going to get another chance because I wanted it. I had to allow him to be my friend, which meant monitoring myself so that I didn't IM, text, or call him too much. But I managed to do that so we managed to stay friends.

The break off, besides some confusion and my upsetness and his missing what it was ended nicely. Yes the relationship ended well. There was no crazy fight, no trying to convince the other to stay, no real omg I hate you and never want to talk or see you again. It was an end that was accepting on my part of his feelings and how he wanted to go about things.

so in short if you accept and respect what the other person wants you can still maintain friends. And I believe if you really loved and cared about them you would want what makes them happy, even if that isn't you. It's like a child, if you couldn't provide for it hopefully you would find a way to give the child the best life possible, because you love your child. If you love your significant other than you should want what is best for them. It may not be what seems best for you, and certainly it will be hard. But it will work out.
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Life is precious
Its not worth to keep on giving if you dont receive anything from it. life is too short to live somebody else his life, if god have given you so much to live for.
Life is too short for this.
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Life is unfair... (not a tip, but a story of my broken feelings)
In life some things happen to you that you would have never of those things has or is in the process of happening to me...I have been going out with my girlfriend for 18months as of last week. This might be true for many other ppl...but me and my girlfriend had the most awsum first part of our relationship...for the first year there was absolutely nothing that I could fault her on...we had a few of what are too small to be called fights in that year...and who doesn't? So I wasn't worried when we had these me life couldn't get better...this was the girl I wanted to spend my life with...but like I isn't fair...

From the year point onwards many more serious fights started to make their way into our relationship...she has said her fair amount of things that have had me wondering whether death was really that bad...not that I haven't done it to her too...but it was starting to happen all too much for my liking! We fight almost everytime we talk most cases over the most pointless things...but it starts to take a toll on your feelings, your heart and you as a whole!

I have been contemplating breaking up with her for months now...I can't truely remember the last time that I truely loved her...things have just taken too many turns for the worst! I am not entirely sure what she will say or do when I tell her what I have to say...I just hope she will give me time to explain myself...I really want to do it face to face so as not to seem like a coward...and so it's just now waiting for the courage to take that final step that I am waiting for...

How can love change that quickly? Why does it happen? Answers unfortunately I'll never know till the day I die...although they would be very helpful right now!!

Life is unfair...and now I have is love
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1-its not youit me.
2-we ned to talk.
3-lets talk if you know what i mean.
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think about it its better 2 leave them broken and still be friends
p.s i know what i talkin about ive split up with 2 girl in 3 weeks and i wasn't cheating!!!
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Love Him Love Him Not?
It is so hard to let go of some one. For me it is one of the most hardest things to do. I have been with my bf for 2 years and 6 months on and off. Thru all this time i have had broken hearts every time i did break up with him (its been four times)he never asked me for a reason i did try to give him one but he wouldn't let me. Thru all the four times we have been together he did not value me and i was always the dump butt after him. Now some time has passed and we have gotten back together, but i made a mistake i realise that i just really wanted his friendship back i wish i had never said yes. But i just cant let go of him he is so sweet and the firsts months i was so in love but now i dont feel that attraction towards him. His kisses dont have taste no more and i wish we both did not have to go thru my moodes every day just cause i dont feel the same but yet i try to break up with him and i can because as soon as i touch the subject he starts with tears.So as much as i want i cant let him go he has becomed a part of myself and it is so hard to tear it away. But he dessers some one that cares for him the same way he does for me i still love him but now as just my bestest friend and i know i will have to do it some day bt my memories will last forever like they say "were there was fire ashes remain, but the ashes the wind blows them away"
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love is blind
love is blind and it ll take over ur mind,wat u think is love is truly not .... u need to elevate and find love is HELL......
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Love Is Confusing
The problem with love is the fact that when your so caught up in it you can't possibly think rationally. And its all too easy to make wronge choices because when your really involved, you think with your heart and not with your head. So no matter how bad you may want that love back, it may not always be what you had in Mind.
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love or lust
is it love or lust? my bf of 1yr has asked me to marry him and i said yes becasue i love him but then all we started to do was fight and and make up.we will fight over the littlest thing. like if i didn't call him and he would question what it was i was doing. well then i started to think well all we do is have sex and if were not having sex we are fulling around and then i started to think is this love or lust? i didn't know.i know that i love and have feelings for him but it was when he went on vacation with me and my family and when he didn't want to do something like go on the sea doo or play corn whole he said that he was to tired and that his head hurt. but then later that night he was fine to full around. he never wants me to go anywhere by myself. he wont let me go to the store to get milk by myself he wants me to take one of my sisters with me because he knows how guys are. but i mean come on getting milk yea sure. this vacation was just a real teller of who he is. i have friends where we go on vaca. and they are guys that are my age and he just sat their not talkin or anything and i think one of the reasons why he got on my nerves so bad was because their is one of my friends their that i do like. i have a big crush on him and he's really nice and sweet but he lives to far away and i think that might me a reason why i feel the way about my bf of 1 yr. is because i saw the boy i have a crush on and i realized that my bf doesn't have any goals. but i don't want to brake up with him and then have me regret everything.
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Love Unreturned
Love unreturned is like a question without an answer.
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Luke here's HELP!!! for you
my name is Stephanie I've had my ups and downs in my relationship ,but have u asked her why she is acting this way and does she still love u ------if u want more help ask for more questions
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Moving On
If you act like everything is ok with you life...sooner of later you will start to believe it and everything will get better.
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I have been with my boyfriend for a year now. He is from another country and we knew from the start that we were going to end this relationship. I was kind of happy about that because he wasn't very nice to me. He was always looking at other girls in restaurants and on the streets, beeing flirty with them and extremely severe with me and the way I looked. After I learned he lied to me about something really personal for six months, I wanted to break up with him. But I couldn't. Then, he cheated on an contest and won thirth place I couldn't enjoy his prices with him because that's something I wouldn't do. I was wondering, if he is able to lie like this to the whole world, how can I possibly know he is not lying to me? I wanted to break up with him, but again...I couldn't. Now that he is gone, he wants to move here in my country and me to visit him there. I still have feelings for him, we've been through so much together, but I don't trust him anymore. In fact, I don't recognize the guy I used to love. I'm always angry at him but can't seem to imagine myself being alone (even if I'm already alone him being back to his homeland). He is my first boyfriend. As much as I want to stop hurting myself with him.....I think of him as the man of my life. This is ridiculous...I just think I love hurting myself.
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Never break up when you are still in love with him
If you are still in love with the gug then dont break up with him. If you do you will end up hurting the both of you.

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Never Break Up with Someone if you are syill in love.
Never break up with someone if you still love the person.Wait for the time when your heart is really fed up of loving that person. Trust me, that time will come!!!!!!!!
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Never break up with your boyfriend for your friends
Never ever break up with your boyfriend for your friends.TRUST ME!!!I have learned that from experience.I was goin out with this guy i met at scate city and my friends didnt really like him.They were tryen to convince me to break up with him by telling me so many lies to get me mad.Well u know what?I wasnt mad at my man.I was furious at my friends because if they were really my friends they would be happy for me.Later on in our relationship I broke up with my man because i just got so fed up with wut everyone was tellen me.I jus felt so pressured and I was being stupid.Now it has been a month since ive broken up with him.I am sad to say that i am still not over him because he was really a great boyfriend.I regret breaking up with him and i wish i could just go back to the very beginning and start all over with him.My friends are happily in love with thier boyfriends and i am all alone. Ricardo(my ex)if u ever read this i jus want you to know how very truely sorry i am and i love you so much with all of my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Never Regret It
You brought me happiness and I'll never forget it. You were my first love and I'll never regret it.
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No Tears
No man is worth your tears,and the one who is,wont make you cry them.
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Not even sure why you want to break up?
I dont know here...this is my problem..i guess things just arent the same and im not attracted to her anymore :S
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Not worth it
Love isnt worth the tears, pain, or headaches, especially when love doesnt love you back.
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oh its hard :-( but its life
yeah its hard... iwant to break from my g/freind of just three months, we met last year had a date but she ended up goin back to her ex to my devastation as i liked her, so in may this year,we hooked up again, i was v happy at first but after time now i see i cant be in a relation ship with her as i think shell do it again as i dont trust her as much as i should, she has been great but if im insecure about the realtionship at this stage (3 months) then how can i go on, so i think its best to end it and tell shes great but shes not the one for me and hope we reamin freinds after it. if your hearts not in it then do something about it dont live a false life thinking youl find a way round it love shouldnt be a hard job it meant to be it and move awn but be gentle youl respect each other more for it.good luck to all
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Phone Calls to End Long-term relationship
My boyfriend of four years, who had seen me at my best and worst, ended our relationship via phone a week ago. Afterward, I was a wreck, sobbing and trying to figure out what went wrong and trying to fix it. It was hard because he insisted that he loved me but wasn't doing what it took for the relationship to work out. He admitted he wasn't putting in any effort at all. At first I was hurt. Then after a week, I am now furious at him and there is no possibility I'll ever be friends with him (or see him for that matter). I explained to him how his break-up strategy was selfish and cowardly.
Here's where he went wrong:

1) He should not have broken up with me on the phone. It trivialized the relationship and hurt my feelings because I thought he cared deeply for me.
2) His explanation showed that he hadn't thought it through. He was obviously acting off the cuff and that infuriated me because it is a final decision that should not have been taken lightly. That he didn't even take the time to think or discuss this with me (in person) shows that he lacked maturity.
3) The ole it's not you, it's me: Ex-man said that he wasn't where he should be in his own life. He said I was doing so well on my own and didn't need him. Breaking up on my behalf was cowardly -- if I wanted to end the relationship, I would've.
4) He expected me to be his friend. After the grueling 4 years with this guy and the breakup, there is no way I can be his friend. I just expressed my strong feelings of disgust/dislike to him. The thought of entering another (even platonic) relationship with him makes me physically ill.
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do it alone tell her the truth and be relaxed never say it on the phone or in a note thats just being a coward. listen to her or him and respect what they have to say.
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Setting the Scene
A breakup is usually not a pleasant affair. Don´t have the "goodbye" talk in the middle of a restaurant, or at a friend´s house. Find a quiet place where you both feel relatively comfortable, and spend time to talk about it. Don´t just say "I´ve decided I don´t like you any more - goodbye" and run out the door.

Spend some time finding closure - admitting that you just don´t care for the other person, and that it´s best for you both to move on and find someone that can truly compliment you. After all, your ex won´t want to be with someone who doesn´t love him or her, so this is a good thing for you both.

It won´t be easy, and will probably be sad and anger-filled for you both. However, having this good closure will make the healing process much, much easier.
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love is sex..
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So Sick-Ne-Yo
I used this song like tylenol after my ex told me to step. It helped me move on and start going back to the club and other social gatherings. You should try it.
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So Yesterday-Hilary Duff
this is a good song about moving on after a break up
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Sometimes a note is best.
I am moving out and leaving a note:
I think if a person is the type of person that acts out and gets emotionally or physically abusive when told things they don’t like face to face then they don’t really deserve the respect of getting the information face to face. You could be putting yourself at risk. Each time I have tried to leave he has taken my keys and said get everything out now cause you are got getting back in once you leave. There is no way I am telling him face to face, I don’t think cause we did not work out I deserve a emotionally abusive battle from him. If it makes it easier for you to say what you need to say (nicely) without drama then by all means it is okay to leave the note, just explain why you did it that way.

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sometimes its jus time
sometime its jus time to move on.. i know at this moment you might feel fear because the unknow is scary and of course no one wants to get hurt.. but its better to have love and lost then to have not loved at all.. trust me i feel bad i cnt sleep i hav this guilty built in inside me because everyone tells me i shouldn't.. but at the end of the day the only person who will be faced wit these problems is YOU! so0o like i did follow your heart and everything will be okay!!
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sometimes loving means letting go
There are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept, things we don't want to know but have to learn, and people we can't live without but have to let go.
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Sometimes you gotta step outside to look inside to see whats wrong
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Stay in Private
Make sure that when you break up you do so in a personal, private area. Don't break up in the middle of a school hallway. Your partner deserves that respect - and it shows that you are mature. If you break up in an immature fashion not only are you needlessly hurting your partner, but you are going to develop a reputation as someone not old enough to date properly.
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sweet talk....Crash talk
If you really dont want the guy and you want 2 devaste him then go up 2 him and say...."Can we talk," with a smile on ur face...then have a seroius face and say..."We're over!" That should tell him...Good luck and hope it helps!
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teenage romance
So here's to teenage romance and not knowing why it hurts like hell.
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The break up is it real or r u thinking stuff up
I have just recently thought of my relation ship this way. But as i see it if u have a single doubt in your mind. Give it a day or two if its still there change it.. Nothing is forever. things change be ready and be smart. If u still are not sure that he loves you and u don't love him.or vise versa Then talk to him about it talking makes everything better u might thinnk it won't but later u will realize that if u had let it go longer i might be in some trouble.And alot of the time people just think it all up its probebly the forgotten note he left you or not saying he loves you or something so little think how much more your relation ship means to u than that if it doesn't let him/her go.
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The break-up guilt
Breaking up with someone is always painful. Hopefully you have been talking up until now and realize that something is not right in the relationship. If you have never given your partner a clue that you are unhappy, this should sound warning bells. The exact same thing could happen in the next relationship. Be sure to talk about things that make you unhappy BEFORE you get to the break-up stage.

However, let´s assume you´ve talked about things, but they just won´t fix, and you just aren´t meant for each other. You will still feel guilty if you´re the one who throws in the towel and says the relationship won´t work. After all, you´ve both opened your hearts to each other, tried to make things work, tried to be there for each other, and now you´re saying you don´t want to try any more.

Realize that most relationships end in breakup - it takes a few tries before you manage to find the right partner. This is a normal thing. You gave it your best shot, and you simply weren´t meant for each other. If you are honest and thoughtful in your breakup, then you have done both of you a favor. You are now free to find someone better suited for you, and your partner is now free to find someone new that is a perfect match.
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The stressed-out argument breakup
What do you do if you´re feeling stressed out, get into an argument and angrily yell out "I´m breaking up with you!" Or what if your mate does this to you?

Everyone has their stressed out moments, and it´s very tempting during a fight to just give up and call it quits. It´s the ultimate statement of "I win, because I won´t be around you any more to hear your side." Once it´s out though, it seems pretty final.

Give yourselves both time to cool down. You don´t have to stand by it just because you said it - everyone says things in arguments that they did not mean. Sit down with your partner a few hours later, and go over the situation. If you really do want to break up, it´s better to do it in a calm, reasonable way, where you both get to talk to each other. If you break up during a big fight, neither one of you will get good closure on the relationship, and it will be hard to move on.

See the tips on arguments on how to prevent an argument from getting to that stage.
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They won't change
I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years and for the majority of the relationship I thought he was too clingy. My problem was I thought he would get better but in reality - they never change. You can try but it is always short lasting. Eventually you will begin to dislike them for the characteristics you tried to change - surely it is better to get out while you can still stand each other. Good Luck All...I hope this helps!
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Think about your freedom
Instead of focussing on the guilt you'll have or the pain you'll cause to your soon to be ex-partner, think about how much freedom you'll have to do the things you've wanted to do during the relationship. Think about the times you've wanted to take that trip with the guys or your girlfriends, or the fun nights out that your friends have had without you because you were stuck with your girlfriend/boyfriend. If your a guy like me you'd probly think about the money you would've saved, or the bad credit you could have avoided. Of course, that's my own personal story, and women may have gone through it too. The point is that if you are soon about to break up and are worried about the feelings of your partner, you'll both end up getting hurt in the end, and will never know what might have been if you took that step to move on with your life.
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Think It Through First
Read through the argument tips - are you sure you´re not just running from conflict? Every relationship has arguments and requires some work. You´ll need to learn how to work through the difficult times in order to weather any relationship. If you break up at the first sign of trouble, you won´t be learning the skills you´ll need as you go through any partnership.
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Is there really a healthy way to break up? And if so how?:
Most people dread breaking up like cleaning up the closet but if you do it right it doesn’t have to be so bad just follow some of these tips and you will be fine
1 Break up with her/him in person and make it seem like you really care about her, just not in the romantic way yet
2 Bring her/him to a nice restaurant and tell her over some whine or champagne
3 don’t tell your friends that it’s over before you tell her/him, its just rude
4 don’t wait till you think the times right, the longer you wait the harder it will be
5 don’t break up with him/her because other people tell you to
6 give her/him an explanation, don’t just do it because you feel like it
7 make sure you don’t love her/him anymore
8 make it private; don’t scream it to the world
9 if you break up with him/her and than call her 6 months later its just cruel to make him/her go through that again

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tips for guys...
never ever break up online. wtf, dont you have any honor??? and if you do break up, its over. dont get back together a week later. dont call her all the time. if you break up with her obviously you dont want to date her anymore, and if you do...dont break up with her in the first place.
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Trying not to hurt them
I had this gf that i fell in love with. We fought about things all the time mostly about a girl that I cheated on with her. We broke up b/c I tought she cheated on me. So to get even with her I started to talk to the girl that I cheated on her with. I was trying to get over my ex with the new girl. My new gf was in love with me, but I wasnt in love with her and I was still in love with my ex gf. I found out later that she didn't cheat on me. But she hated me for being with the other girl. But we started to talk and I found out my ex still loved me. But I didnt know how to break up with my new gf. But I already told my new gf that loved her and woudn't get back with my ex. I already hurt this girl to many times, but I was still in love wit my ex. So I broke up with my new gf. She is still in love with me. I had to do this it wouldnt be fair for her that I didnt love her and loved some1 else. I feel a lot happier now that I am with the right person. But I feel really bad for the other girl b/c she is still in love with me. But I realized that if I kept going out with her that her feelings would have gotten stronger for me while mine stayed the same and probably worse.
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Walk Away- Paula Deanda
this song makes me feel better EVERY SINGLE TIME I HEAR IT! :) goodluck.
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wasted-carrie underwood
Just listen to it, you girls out there will probably like it more than the fellas, but try starts out by saying "Standing at the back door She tried to make it fast One tear hit the hard wood It fell like broken glass She said sometimes love slips away And you just can't get it back Let's face it"
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If you break up wit a boy the best way to find out if he loved u is to watch him and if he finds someone to soon after you breaked up wit him then u know u did the right thing by letting him GO!
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Watch out!
I started seeing a guy about a little over a month ago. We spent an amazing romantic first week together (the whole nine yards) Fancy dinners, walks at sunset etc. The night we met he told me he was looking for a wife. After the week he had to head back to Iraq. Upon his return 2 days ago I met him at his house, he had bought me beautiful jewelry from where he had been for my birthday, we kissed and hugged and he seemed like the real thing. We were making plans with our kids (we both have 2) And the night he came back I had got up from the couch to go into the other room and when I came back out he had a look on his face and I said what's up. He told me he didnt need this, he was done and wanted to go home. Talk about shock. I thought he was joking but this is the 3rd day and he still wont call me. We talked every single day while he was gone. I am lost and hurt. I still dont know what I did wrong. I just warn the girls out there if it seems too good to be true IT IS!!! I know the pain will go. Once the initial shock wears off I will be ok. Life is too short to waste time on men. They are who they are. I have cried my last tear over them. My kids deserve a strong mother focused on what truly matters....them! Good luck to you broken hearts out there.
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we've been going out for 2 weeks,but it was kinda forced.
ok so heres the 15 and i met this guy like 3 weeks ago.hes very sweet,almost too perfect...anyways he asked me out 2 weeks ago and i said yes.but im quik 2 get into relationships and quik 2 get out.thats my biggest problem in i wasnt very happy with him.he was my 1st boyfriend and hes had 7 other girlfriends,which makes me kind of nervous...and now that i think about it,im not sure hes the one for,i went over to his house and told him face-to-face that i wanted to break up.he just stood there in disbelief,i started to walk away,and he started walking toward me telling me not to leave him.i was sooo scared!i ran back to my house(wich is like 1 mile away if u use the short cut)and ran inside and locked the door.i was so sad,angry,afraid,just mixed emotions and stuff.he kept calling me and emailing me to come back and his friends tell me that ive made a huge mistake and i should take him back.i kept saying no,and eventually they left me so happy i did that because now i have a boyfriend that truly loves me as much as i love girls out there who r just like me,hopefully this helps you out.i hope u never have 2 replay this.Good Luck!
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Wh3n It's All Said And Don3
when its all said and done and you have nothing to live for...look up and thats all you need.
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what do i do
i have a boyfriend and he's kinda cute, and really nice. but he never talks to me anymore and todya he didn't even say goodbye just stood there for two seconds then walked outside and when i went out there he was gone. this other guy really likes me and asked me out but i told him i had a boyfreind. he still really likes me and i like him. i don't know how to break up with my current boyfreind and would it make him really mad if i was to go out with another guy right after we broke up.
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What do I say?
You´re at the point of telling your ex-to-be that you want to break up. What do you say?

Don´t be accusatory and use this as a time to point out everything your ex ever did wrong. There are always two sides to an argument, and breaking up is hard enough without turning it into a free for all wrestling match.

Instead, explain that you simply do not feel the same way for your ex as you had before. This could be because you grew apart, or have different interests, or many other reasons. If you just focus on the nit-picky details, your ex might try to find ways to claim these are your own fault. If instead you focus on how you feel, and that you no longer feel attracted to your ex, this is easier to accept as a reason to break up.
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What is love anyway?
This isnt a tip. Its a question. Who can really say what love is? No one. Is there really only 1 person meant for each person? Or is there several? What if you think you have met 'The One' and you get married, he dies in a year time and you then meet someone down the track that you get along just as well with? Love is nothing more than a feeling invented by religions to make sex sound less dirty if its involved. The rest of the feelings we experience are nothing but chemicals arent they?
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why do i want to break up?
-dont feel the same
-ur friends
-you've changed and i dont like it i like u better befor we went out

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why is love good and only hurts
i think that everyone needs a breajk now and again to keep the relationship freash and prove how much u mean to each other. i have been with my bf for a year and decided to spilt up..he idea but il let him get on with it so he can relise really what he has lost!
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you cheated on him and youre scared to tell him
If you have cheated on your boyfriend and you dont regret it the chances are you are probably not into him as much as you think... but if you do regret it there's always that doubt in your mind whether you should tell him or not. personally if you think your relationship is strong enough to handle this kind of blow then you should tell him... but if the boyfriend happens to be extermely jelous maybe its best if you dont tell him because chances are he'll probably want to break up with you and you'll end up feeling even worse than what you felt when you cheated on him. Everyone is always vulnerable at some point in their life and NOBODY is perfect we are all allowed to make mistakes if not life wouldnt be interesting... but the important thing is that you dont do it again, you have to think about how would you feel if he cheated on you.
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You know it's coming.
If it seems like your girl wants to break up with you, ask her. At least be prepared to hear the words "yes"...It's only going to hurt more if you don't prepare. It's gonna be harder to move on, and live out the rest of your life.

"All things that spiral downwards will eventually hit rock bottom."
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Your Better then him....
My boyfriend of a year and a half recently broke up with me and i was devastated, he pulled it out of the air completly, just three days ago he was telling me
"I Love you"
"Your My Everything"
"I wont ever leave you or hurt you"
"I want to spend the rest of my life with you"


that night he wanted to have sex with me, im only 16 and hes turning 17 in a month or two.... im so not ready for sex and he pushed and pushed, i said no over and over again... he got angry with me and three days later... BOOM! SUCKER PUNCH! he broke up with me, it was all a game, he just wanted to have sex and thats it, dont fall for sweet nothings look were it got me, dont damage yourself the way i have, i was so depressed i started cutting and skipping meals and icolating myself from the world...

I was in depression mode MAJOR but now i know.... after three months or so after my friends had been telling me that i deserved better, and i did nothing wrong and he had played me, i finnaly got the hint. I know now im better then him and you know what your better then your ex too!

when ever i see him i just think 'well here comes the best damnthing that ever happend to you that you through away... LOOOOOOOSERRRRR!'

and thats the additude you need to have against your ex if he has played you, and if it makes you feel any better, its 1 easier to get over it then you think and 2 you are a beautiful, amazing person that deserves someone totaly amazing just like you and if he couldnt see that and didnt try to keep you then its his loss....

i hope this helps

I love you all, keep you head held high and smile =D

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Beautiful & Inexpensive
Both men and women love flowers. They're the symbol of romance. You can get just the ones you want at unheard of prices, because they're direct from the grower. You save money, your partner is thrilled!