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The last weekend in April of 2002 I flew down to LA to help my best friend move. She was moving to GA (where I live) and so I got a one way ticket and helped her pack her u-haul and drove back home with her to GA. After a hard day of packing on Friday we decided to get cleaned up and go out for a while. We went to a little hang out in town called Millers. As soon as I walked in a saw this guy walk up to my friend and say hi. We made eye contact and I felt my stomatch drop. He was the most beautiful man in the world with the best smile. I loved him. My friend saw it on my face and introduced him to me. We all hung out and Mr. Perfect and I got to know each other better. I told my friend that night that I was going to marry this man. She laughed. I was a little sad because he lived in Louisana and we were leaving to go back to Georgia in the morning. We exchanged numbers and talked every day. He came to see me every other weekend and I went to see him twice. The miles were getting racked up on our cars and our phone bills were getting high....but we loved each other. I had only been a month since we had met. He moved to GA and we started living together in July of 2002....2 months after we had met. Everyone said we were moving to fast....but we both knew that we had finally found our soul mate!!

We lived our fairy tale live...happy every day. I have a son and he was absolutly GREAT with him and my son fell in love with him also. In September of 2002 (5 months after we met) he asked me to marry him. I couldnt say YES fast enough. In May of 2003 (a year after we met) we got married.

We have been married for a year and a half and I can say that without any question that I have the BEST husband in the world! We still stay up late at night just talking and laying with each other enjoying each other. We are best friends and so very happy.

I am pregnant and we are expecting our baby in April of 2005 and I know that he will be a wonderful father as well. He is such a great husband and step father! I some times wonder what I did to get so lucky.

My advice for all the women reading this....dont settle! He is out there.....waiting for you! It is well worth the wait!!


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