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All good things

well there was this boy, and we'd been friends for years ever since year7. and id always had a thing for him, and we'd flirt on, but him and my best friend also did the same, and i never thought he'd like me like i liked him. then one night he started textin me tellin me he liked me and i was so pleased my heart skipped a beat. and we got dating. i was so happy. my best friend was quite happy for me. and this one night he unexpectidyly looked me in the eyes and smiled and said you mean everythin to me, i love you so much, & my heart just melted, evan tho i was so young i knew he was the one. so days past and i was so happy, then this one day i seen him and he completely ignored me, i didnt understand we'd been so happy? I didnt want to say anything because id felt so happy, but he just startd picking fyts, and it broke my heart in 2 to say that was te end, but i did it. and i sat for a whole week and cried and he was all i thought about. eventully over time i startd to forget, were stil really close friends now. but everytim i look at him, i always remember the look he gave me. he was the one, but i supose all good things must come to an end?


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