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Truth in you heart

The more you lie to me
You hurt me
The more you pretend nothing happened between us
You hurt me
The more you deny the truth
You hurt me
The more you think about your mistakes
You hurt me
The more you think I would be better off without you
You hurt me
The more you won't forgive yourself
You hurt me

It's been close to a year since I have seen you and your all I think about. Will you let your mistakes rule the rest of your life? How long will true love past you by because your afraid about me seeing the real you? I just wish in someway someday I could convince you I need you in my life. Without you I feel my inspiration is gone. I am not better off without you. Your a unique woman who devalues herself by not seeing your truth worth. The fear and the shame you have had all your life I want to take away. You won't let me because it's something which puts everything you've known to risk. It's like stepping out on the water. You are an inspiration to me. Your exactly what I need. Here the voice of truth in your heart. Let go of the past and embrace the love you have always wanted. Without you I am broken and lonely. Without you the sun is not as bright and breeze is not as cool.


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