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BF is soulmate

one night i was at my friends house. we were just hanging out in his room talking and watching tv. we were really close. i knew this guy for about 5 years and we would hang out almost everyday. we use to call each other brother and sister. well after about 10 minutes of watching some randum tv show that he loved, we started getting tired, so i got up to turn off the lights and the tv. when i came back to lay down, i felt that my pillow was moved from where i placed it. i looked and i saw that my pillow was sitting under his head! so i started to laugh and we started challenging each other to a game of who gets to sleep with the good pillow. i tugged on it, he tugged on it, than gradually the pillow did more than i thought any pillow could ever do. we ended up getting more agressive and fun and started climbing on top of each other and holding each other down. basically wresteling on the bed. than we just stopped. i dont know why but we both stopped and looked into each others eyes. than i experienced the most amasing kiss in my life. we kissed and rolled and cuddled for the rest of the night and most of the morning. it was amasing. i than realised that my so called brother was really my soul mate. the day after, i read in a book that it's totally illegal in love world to date your bestfriend. i strongly and completely disagree. if some one is your friend it basically means that you have the same interests right? i dont know. alot of people i tell my story to say i got lucky. im probobly the last person to ever get lucky. im just a regular high school chick just trying to not drop out and still find time to shop for the latest trends. just go with the flow and who knows, your soulmate can be right infront of your eyes.


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