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Headed to the beach again

It all started last summer, me and my friends decided to go on a trip to the beach ,we went with my parents as i am ony 16 .Most of my friends were also single and we where hopping nothing more than to flirt with a couple of boys and have a blast.I personaly didnīt expect anything other than spending some time with my girlfriends.My best friendīs cousin was also there with a bunch of boys.Thats when i met him,his name was maurice. The moment i saw him i felt buterfflies in my stomach,he was handsome all right, but that wasenīt what cought my eye.It was the way he looked at me.He looked at me and then a huge grin came across his face.we spent all summer with them , we went everywhere together , we hung out , we went to dinner, and we became really good friends with these boys.A special bond united me and maurice eventhough we never said anything upfront we both knew we had feelings for each other.He kept asking my friend if there was a slight chance that i would like to be something more than friends, but he never said it to me.We talked about everyting , we had long converstions , deep inside of me i was dying to kiss him.He made me laugh like no one else did. The way he looked at me made me go crazy,we both knew but didnīt do a thing.Everyone else joked about us liking each other , but we just laughed along too.we spent all summer together until it was time to go.As the leaving date aproached the hole in my stomach kept getting bigger.I had such strong feelings for him i couldnīt hide them anymore.The last night we spent together was the most special night ever.The boys came to our hose at night , so we snuck out of the beach house and met them at the beach .The sky was so beautifull, it was filled with stars.That was the first time he took my hand and held it for so long.I was so happy i just couldnīt hide the huge smile on my face.It was so late when we both decided we wanted to swim , so we jumped into the pool in our cloths and held each other for hours , then it started raining and i was freezing.He held me so close to him i could feel his breath ,he wishpered into my ear and he looked at me for what seemed like an eternity.then i couldnīt take it any more , we both leaned in and we kissed as rain poured into our was the most magical moment ever.He held me like he had no intentions of letting me go.I felt so confortable around him , we could share silence without it being uncomfortable.It was almost 6 am when we headed back to the house.It hurt saying goodbye , it was as difficult as it could get.But we made the most of our time together.i have never felt anything similar to what i felt with him .My heart belongs to him.That same day we head back home , all i could think of was him , there was no room in my toughts for anything but him.I was devastated for leaving that wonderfull summer behind but i also am gratefull that it happened and that i got a chance to meet him.It dosenīt end there tough,a couple of days after my phone started ringing my surprise it was him.We talked for ages , nad he kept calling me for a while.He lived about 2 hours away from me, thats why we didnīt see each other .School started and we distanced from each other , he didnīt call me anymore and i was devastated , but live went on.Then i saw him again after a few months and everything was as if we had never left .we still had the same chemistry we had had when we met , once again i was bursting with joy.His friends told me that they had never seen him fall for a girl the way he did with me, he never told me.This kept on for about a couple of months , we talked on the phone again and we messaged quite often.But once again it happened living apart was just too dificult, we agreed just to be friends,afterall it was just to dificult and painfull to handle.The thing is it was even more painfull to forget him, s time went by i convinced my friends , his friends and even him that i no longer had feelings for him , the thing was i only needed to convince myself.I kept seeing him every once in a while because his friends and mine became pretty close they would come visit or we would meet up during long weekends where it all started in the beach.Months passed by and i had a new boyfriend , i cared for him very much but not like i did for relationship lasted about 3 months , but i decided to break it off cuz i couldnīt get maurcie of my head it just wasenīt fair for him.So here i am boyfriendless and filled with pain , because i have realized that i love maurice .Itīs been a year since the summer i met him , he changed my world upsidedown ,every song and place reminds me of him and of the wonderfull summer we once shared.It is now summer again and as every year me and my friends are headed to the beach just like maurice and his friends...weīll see what happens next.


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