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my friends and I were going to a dance. My mom and dad wanted me to go with someone(as always)so i called my friend Jennifer, she wasnt going. So I called Celia. she was going, but she had a ride with her boyfriend(now ex-boyfriend)Mason i called my best friend since we were babys, Ozzy. He decided to go with me. My dad picked him up, and we left for the dance. there was a lot of drama at the dances so this wasnt a big surprise. he met up with his friends and i met up with my friends as usual. after an hour of dancing my butt off, a slow song comes on and we all go to the cafeteria to get some nachoes. Ozzy stops me and my friends stop too. I told them to go ahead and i would meet up with them later. I saoid "heey Ozzy whats goin on?" im NOT very good at being romantic, so i thought his friends were daring him or something so when he asked me, "do you want to dance?" i said "eew, no!" i thought he would laugh and say 'just kidding' but he had a look on his face like someone died or something. "wait a second, were you serious?" i asked. "yeah" he said softly. "oh... well of course ill dance with you." i said politely. he looked me in the eyes and put his hands on my waist and pulled me closer. i put my hands on his shoulders. i thought, 'my dad would KILL me if he found out... no dates. no dates. no dates...' then i changed my mind. i thought 'hmm... this is nice' after all, i was still recovering from my breakup to Madison. After we swayed and danced, we went to the food court and split to our friends. We told them all about it. that night we decided that we were offically going out. ill never forget that night. so remember, looking for love or finding love, youll always have someone there.


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