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Wolves in sheep clothing

the first guy i ever had a crush on.he has brown eyes and tall.what they say in movies about a person making your heart beat fast and slow at the same time. he used to do that to me make my heart beat fast and slow at the same time. he used to listen to even when i thouht he was not listening. he realy did love me every much because i couldfeelit when we kissed and when he held me in his arms.genle he was but the thing i loved most about him is that he unberstood me and accepted me for who i am.he used to make me laugh and used to say the wrogn thins at the wrong time i loved that about him. i love that he used to try his best.then she came along and took the love of my love.nnot realy true her handed her the love of my being sellfish and selfcentred.don't trust all your friends some are wolves in sheep his my used to be willie.


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