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I can't read your mind


If your out there reading any of this. If you really do love me, but are to afraid to talk to me. If you don't know if it's me. If you think I don't like you or care about you anymore. If you came back to work thinking we could be at least friends again. If your not sure of how to straighten things out. If your uncertain of what to say. If you don't know how I took your letter. If you feel bad about what happen when you chose him over me. If you want to be me friend again. If you need my help. If you feel that you can't ever make things right with me. If your hoping and praying for a miracle. If you need me, but are to shy to to approach me. Then: Let go of the past and just make an attempt to at least let me know you want talk. You don't have to rehearse everything. You don't need to worry about it. I want you. I love you. I really love you. I am afraid I will always love you and it's tearing me apart. I can't read your mind. I have heard what others have said, including him. I don't think you have ever been honest with me about your feelings. I can't approach you because of your letter. You made it clear you didn't want me in your life anymore. Then you show back up at work and smile at me like you do care about me. I want to talk to you. I need you in my life. Do you need me? What Am I to you? We can just be friends again if you want. We can take it slow. Whatever you what from me I am willing to give. Please just tell me the truth. My heart has been breaking for a long time. It doesn't stop because your not in my life. Your friendship with me meant so much. To not have you as my friend hurts. All I have ever wanted is to bless your life. If I can't be your guy, maybe we can still be friends.
- -at-i-k


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