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Why can't I move on

I have been with my boyfriend for over two years. I love him very much.

However, I was unfaithful to him in March. I was with the other person a month, and then he broke it off with me. Both my boyfriend and the other person know what happened. My boyfriend stayed with me and still loves me to this day. Seems like everything is fixing itself, right?

Wrong. I find myself thinking of the other person all the time. The first couple months after he broke it off with me were pure hell, what with having to deal with my boyfriend's emotions and my own. And then, the other person graduated, and I went off to my dad's for the summer. When he first graduated, it ripped me to shreds, but the summer helped me move on and get closer to my boyfriend.

Then, the other person came back to help with marching band camp, and we started talking again. All of my summer's progress went down the drain. Now, I absolutely cannot get him off my mind. I'm going to see one of the football games at his college in a couple weeks. I'm going to say it's to see the band and check out the college, but in reality, all I want is to tell him how I feel, and possibly hold him in my arms again. I know it's wrong, but... why can't I just move on?


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