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Forever and ever

We met online. I was married, he wasn't. We were both in our mid 30's. Neither of us were looking for this. When I first saw him my jaw dropped to the floor. My heart started racing. My palms were sweaty. He was the most handsome man I had ever seen. I loved everything about him. He was tall, dark hair, green eyes, and very muscular. We had chemistry from the moment with first started talking. Everything about him was perfect to me. He was very ambitious. He played sports, owned his own businesses, modeled, and gave back to his community.
Within a few days I knew I had crossed the line and had fallen for him. I couldn't go 1 minute without thinking of him. Oh how I longed to just have him hold me in his arms and kiss him passionately for hours. He had never been married, and had never allowed himself to open up and fall in love. Thank goodness for me things change. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. We wrote some of the most passionate love letters you will ever read. Raw emotion and love is what we felt for one another. I had never in my life ever experienced anything like this before. I had never loved anyone on this level before. I loved him for who he was. Something happened and we lost touch with one another for awhile. I cried silently for him for months. My heart ached for him. I could not and would not ever forget him. No one else would ever come close to filling that part of my heart that belonged to him. My marriage crumbled, I could no longer hide the fact I was in love with someone else. After some time had past, we reconnected. It is hard even to this day to put into words how much I love this man. I tear up and cry at just the thought of him. He completes me. He opened up his heart to me and never looked back. I now understand what true love feels like. Passion, love, affection, beauty, kindness, selfishless, caring, compassion would describe our love. This will not waver...forever and ever I will love him.


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