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When we first started out it was 09' summer, my homegirl gave you my aim, you hit me up talkn bout "what's wavviin"

asked me whats my age, name, and number. To make this quick it was basically a short summer, we would talk but i never bothered to swing by your way besides i already had a shawdy, i was 13 and you had just turned 17 never thought we could work.

he moved downsouth for the school year, and thats when he bothered to start hitting me up again. he was out there with family and told me he felt alone, we talked about everything, texed everynight and chatted on the phone to sunrise on weekends.

sooner or later we realized we were really feeling one another, and he would tell me i cant wait to be with you this summer. soo now its official, and he's back in N.Y
ived visited him 3 times so far including today its coming along great so far.

"age aint nothing but a number" im 14 now and he's 18, i know some ppl may think your a youngin but i know that i love him, i maybe young but my mentality is older, i just wanna see how far this goes!


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