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I Love Her, She Loves Someone Else

Well it started at my job, i am a nerdy computer tech and i worked with my best friend. come summer time the store gets insanely busy so he got another one of his friends to come help out, and this dudes girlfriend was simply amazing to me, beautiful in every way possible, now mind you all the while i am married (no not happily married but married) and as i get to know the guy who is now working with me i put my feelings for his girlfriend aside as him and i are becoming friends

life goes on for about 2 months till that one day, he comes to be damn near crying because he doesn't have a place to live anymore, the old man he was renting from passed on and the old mans son kicked him out of his apartment so me having plenty of room, i offered him a place to stay (STUPID STUPID MOVE!!!!!)

he moves in then she starts coming around in every way possible, i try to ignore the feelings i have for this girl but we become very close friends, and she soon starts to notice every time she looks at me my heart skips a beat. so she asks me about it and for what ever reason i am unable to lie to her, so after about a month of talking when we can, things started changing her boyfriend had met another girl on the internet and was cheating on her...

now im really stuck he is my best friend by this point but i am so madly in love with her i dont know what to do, all the while my wife and i fight ever single day, shes running around on me and has been for approx 6 months that i know of....

so i decide that i am going to take a trip for the weekend to get away and clear my head, not 10 min after i decide this my phone rings and who is it but the girl i am so madly in love with id walk away from everything i have just to be with her (except of course my son) and says she wants to take a trip to be away for the weekend and asks me to go to chicago with her, yeah rock and a hard place, against my better judgement i go with her we have a great time as just friends, i believe we kissed one time that whole trip and the day were leaving, she confesses to me that she is stupidly in love with me. she makes me believe that i am everything she ever wanted, she tries to tell me i am the perfect guy, yeah i know its bull but hey what ever.

so we get back home and agree to have a sorta secret thing going, no were not cheating per se but a lot of people would call it that so go for it, (WE NEVER ACTUALLY did anything in the adult manner in which i cant talk about) we had tried a few times and it just didnt feel right to one of us or the other, and by this point i am moved out of my house things got so bad with my wife,

(guess i should talk about that, my marriage started off great, we have 2 wonderful children except my oldest isnt actually my child legally i have been all she has known for a father for 5 years, i met them when she was only 8 months old and at this point my wife keeps threatening to take her away from me, so i explore every possible option i have i pay thousands of dollars to lawyers to always hear the same thing there is nothing i can do about my daughter so i do the hardest thing i have ever had to do in my life and start trying to prepare myself for my little blue eyed angel to be torn from my life and leave a gaping hole in my heart. i should maybe go back a bit , i have had my right forearm broken 6 times in the same place from being hit with a baseball bat, i have had up to 37 stitches in one visit from being attacked and stabbed while asleep, just a ton of shit like that, i had just gotten out of boot camp for the army when this all started and her stepfather literally ran me over with his tractor broke my back in 6 places, shattered vertebrae so no i have back problems for the rest of my life, so stuff at home is bad very very bad so i AM leaving she cant take my son away from me i wont allow that to happen)

back to current were pretty much already together we hold hands, we take walks we kiss goodnight, i stay at her house with her at this point everyone knows, i made no secret of the way i felt about her, to everyone her family every single person in her family told her she should just be with me, her mother, her brother, her father, her cousins hell she said she should be with me, but she refuses, she wants to get back with her ex.....

talk about a shot to the pride right, so as the good guy i am i step aside and allow her to chase after this guy, who cheats, gets high, treats her like dirt, i mean he tells her shes stupid, and talks to her like shes stupid, he hits her, slaps her, takes her money he made her drop out of school.

I decide to talk to her, i told her exactly this ( i said BLANK i love you far to much to sit here and watch him abuse you this way, mentally, verbally and physically so i am taking my son and i am moving to florida ( i have family there) and im only going to ask you this once will you come with us, she said yes.........

so the couple of weeks following she had me convinced she was coming with me, then 3 days before we were to leave she says you know if i go BLANK <---- this blank is the guy who treats her like shit, has to come too, i said absolutely not so she says well im not going then so i postpone my trip to go, and i take off on a motorcycle ride by myself to think, now i live in lower michigan, i just start riding not paying any attention to where i am at all, on a bike i had just bought no plate no insurance and will i dont have a motorcycle endorsement, i ended up at a friends house in ohio 30 miles from the PA state line, when she texts me and asks me where im at so i tell her PA and she says ok,

the next day when i get home shes there and asks me where i went so i told her i went to my friend from school and stayed at her house, she asks where it is, i told her 30 miles from PA and at this point she FREAKS OUT on me because i lied to her and she tells me she doesnt wanna be friends anymore, and disappears, its been 3 months and i havent seen or heard from her once and now my life seems empty and theres nothing i can do about it

This is obviously a very down to the point version there are alot of missing details you would have had to be there to see to get but thats it thats my love story i ended up moving back into my wifes house because i quit my job to move to florida so i moved in here and i am currently in college full time in criminal justice my son and i sleep in a room with 4 locks on the door, so i dont get stabbed again i got friends who try to hook me up but am not fair to the girls, i compare them to her, and that isnt fair to these girls as im sure there great girls who would be great for me but i dont know how to get over this one girl


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