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Not Over You

Today, the strangest thing happened to me. I found a picture of you and me, we were standing in the sun, our love had just begun, you had your arms wrapped around me and i have never been as happy as i was that day.

Now your married to someone else, she has your last name. Everything you promised me, you gave to her. Its a small town, and i still run into your mom every now and then, and she asks me how im doing, and i somehow manage to put on a smile and say just fine.

She showed me a picture of your and your wife, i always loved your face, your smile, your eyes. I know your not mine anymore. I still love you. My heart only breaks when its beating.

Through all my pain, I hope your happy. I hope you've truly changed, if so, she's the luckiest girl. She get's the life with you, that i dream of. I guess love will never let me be..over you.


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