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Phone Love

We never seen each other before in person. We always talk on the phone everyday. He's my friend and been my friend for the last past years. We first started talking on the phone in the year of 2008. He lived far but in the same state as I, but I can't reach him because I'm just a minor and so is he. Our love is stronger than anything. We never argued before and we never called each other out of our names.

Well, just as the year of 09' we stopped talking to each other. Not because we didn't like each other anymore but because we lost in touch. I changed numbers and so did he. I tried numerous of times to get in touch with him...messaging him my number on myspace...but still, no reply.

Until this year 10'. He called me from an unknown number. As of now, my life has changed in so many ways. Got mature and act differently. Well he called and I picked up. I will never forget that day when I finally heard his voice again. The love struck back inside me like a shooting star. I would and never will forget that day of this year. We still talk and just now this year I told him I love him. He told me the same and that he missed talking to me so much. Our conversations is so compatible. Our love is Phone Love.


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