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can't get over him

It was 4 days before my birthday when i met him. He was 2 years older and with me in school. His friends wanted to prank me or something just for the fun of it, so they introduced us. We kept on talking like 24\7. We were very close and built lots of memories together.

However, my parents didn't approve on our relationship, so it had to end. I guess i didn't say good-bye in a proper way or something, 'cause he thought i met somebody new. "How could you be so heartless" were the last words he said to me when we were a couple. I spent many nights crying and wondering why can't it work, till the point i started hating him. I thought i was too young for true love, but then again, love doesn't come in ages or sizes.

I wanted to clarify things for him, so i sent him a message telling him what happened and asking him if we were simply a joke or something, he said we were at the beginning but the he actually fell for me. and when we started talking again behind my parents' back, he suddenly got a girlfriend and was madly in love with her.

Today, ( 1 year after all of this ) I celebrate my birthday filled with sadness, and i thank him for giving me such great memories, and thank him for making my birthday, from now till i meet someone i'd be in love with as much as i was with him, a b day filled with tears. And the hardest part was letting go and not taking part. I still can't get over him...


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