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Is a 'break' a sane thing in a relationship?
Some people take breaks when their relationship gets a bit difficult. Is it better to work through the difficulty together, or to just separate for a while?

What's the longest you've dated one person?
What is the longest period of time you've spend dating the same person?

Do you tend to stay friends with your exs?
Some people break up and never see their ex again. Others stay friends. Which way are you?

What do you love most about your partner?
What is it about that special someone in your life that most appeals to you?

At what age did you lose your virginity?
Teenagers are often pressured into losing their virginity. At what age did you lose yours, and if given the chance again, would you have waited a bit longer?

What's the largest age difference you've had with a date?
Age differences can seem huge when you're younger, and pretty meaningless when you're older. What's the largest differences in ages you've had with a date?

Just What is Cheating?
If you're with a boyfriend or girlfriend, a husband or wife, when can you be yelled at for cheating on them? Choose the most minor offense that counts.

How old were you when you had your first real date?
Some parents force their kids to wait to date until they're 16. Other kids date much younger. When did you start dating?

Who said I Love you first?
Did you say I Love you before your partner did, or did your partner say it first?

Is Love at First Sight Real?
Can two people really *love* at first sight?

Have You Dated Long Enough to Marry?
How long should two people date before they actually get married?

Is Your Partner Romantic Enough?
Everybody has a different definition of what romance should be. Does your partner meet yours?

Who wants Intimacy More - You or your Partner?
There usually is an imbalance in relationships - which way does it tilt in your relationship?

How Jealous Are You?
Jealousy can be incredibly destructive - how much is it a factor in your relationship?

When did you first Have a Boyfriend / Girlfriend?
How old were you when you first had a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Males Only - Have you Cheated?
While dating one person, were you kissing etc another?

Females Only - Have you Cheated?
While dating one person, were you kissing etc another?

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