Quizzes @ RomanceClass

Am I A Good Listener?
Probably 90% of why relationships fail is because people īdrift apartī or there are communication problems. Find out if your listening and communicating skills need some polishing.

Is This Really Love?
One of the biggest milestones in a relationship is when it goes from just liking or being fond of (or in lust with) your partner over into *loving* your partner. Have you crossed that line?

Is This Relationship Healthy?
Itīs easy for a new love, full of passion, to evolve into a relationship that isnīt healthy for you. Many times you donīt notice the transition. Take the quiz to learn more about the relationship youīre in.

Should I Date This Person?
Someone says they want to go out with you. Should you say yes or no? What if you're the asker, is it the right time to ask?

Should We Get Married?
Marriage is the ultimate step in any relationship. Look at books and movies - they always end with the couple getting married. It's the public declaration that "this is forever".

Should We Move In Together?
The aim of most couples is to go from being apart to being together. It can be a very critical step to start sharing a home.

The Jealousy Quiz
Jealousy is a green-eyed monster that can destroy a relationship over imaginary threats. Learn more about how your perceptions of jealousy are affecting your relationship.

The Patience Quiz
Patience is a virtue. Actually, it is a critical part of daily life for anybody who wants to be in a happy, healthy relationship.

Who Should I Choose?
Just about everybody reaches a point where they have to choose between two loves. It is important that you MAKE a decision - and do not just string along both people.

How Well do you Know your Partner?
Think you know your sweetie pretty well? How well does your partner know YOU? Take this quiz and test your knowledge - you might learn some things in the process!

Japanese Love Kanji
Express your love with these gorgeous tote bags, tshirts and other items! The Japanese character for "love" is on a red background.