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Hey,this one's a little tricky situation..
There's this guy who likes me,and i like him too,a lot. But the problem here is,i recently found out I dont have much time. I haven't told this to anyone,I dont want to. I don't want to tell this to him,especially not him. And at the same time,I dont want to hurt him by being rude and staying away or giving him the silent treatment.I really want to get along with him but tht would be selfish and wont be fair right? Coz i myself dont know how long i may live,he wont be able to move on later. So.. I was hoping,could I not hurt him AND stay away from him both at a time? please advice me on this.And please dont delay..

Our Suggestion:
Love is always worth a shot. Even if there isn't much time left, it might well be that these are the memories made that he would never want to give up. It's not for you to decide what will make someone else happy, anyway - you can only decide that for himself.

Tell him the truth and the whole truth, and let him decide for himself. I hope it works out - I wish you the best.

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