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Okay so my ex is the one that broke up and said let's be friends. it's been awhile but she was doing the texting stuff first. about a week or so goes by and i go hey we haven't talked in awhile. he response is i've been sick. So i later on was curious to see if she'd like to do something sometime just for fun. said okay but not today, next day same thing. and it's been a week since. so im gettin the feelin she doesn't want anything to do with me. and if so should i just like cut off everything at once or confront her about it. (i've joked about it before and she gets kinda defenceive and says she doesn't want to but her actions say otherwise)

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Yeah, please move on. This gal does not have the courage to tell you she just isn't interested. I am sure there are a lot of nice girls out there who would leap a the chance to have out with you. :)

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