A Cheater vs a Dutiful Dad

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Visitor's Question:
for how many break up i ever had before. and now i want to be happy again. but i am still confused.

my first suitor is had a kid already but they did not live together with his kid mom. he only give a support for his baby.

the second guy is he has a gf already but the girl is in abroad already. were childhood friend this second guy. he how many times tried to ask me that he want me but i always denied him.

now i felt both love them coz they didnt stop love me.

what should i do now?. do i chose one of them or leave both them.

thank you. i hope you give me an advice.

Our Suggestion:
If a guy has a girlfriend and he wants to date you that is absolutely bad news. If he is willing to cheat on someone who relies on him, it means he'll cheat on anybody who relies on him. That is a clear danger sign. We get thousands of people writing into this site who said "Oh I will be different" - and they never are. A person who is willing to cheat is willing to cheat, period. They will cheat on you just like they cheated on the previous person.

So really there is just one choice here - the guy who is being a good father and supporting his baby. That sounds like quite a good man. So many dads do not care for their babies - he is doing what is right. So why did you break up with him? What was the issue there? Was it something you can work on?

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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