Do Not Complain Reboot 31 Day 2 –

Do Not Complain Reboot 31 Day 2 –

Ooops, food did it to me yet again. I compiled a slow cook recipe book which then had me craving corned beef. Bob went out and got all the stuff, even though it was out of season, and we even bought a new slow cooker too. He went through a fair amount of effort to cook it all. The smells were wafting through the house for hours.

So I’m starving for it and finally I get it on my plate … and it’s tough, pink, and salty. My desire is totally falling apart, dissolving in the mouth, and grey. So, in my brain-addled starvation state, I became fairly petulant :). Which wasn’t quite fair to him. He went to three different stores looking for supplies and this brand was the only one available.

Now I start fresh, and once again I’m reminded not to let myself get to starvation or to get too obsessed with a specific outcome :).

How are you guys doing? It’s a fun project to try!

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