Forgive Feelings

Caught up to today!

Day 7 – Forgive Feelings. This meshes right in with my “aim to not complain” project. It’s not about squelching emotions. It’s about being aware when they begin, and find a way to aim that energy productively. If I sense myself starting to be cranky, I am mindful of it and figure out why. I get food, or a bathrobe to warm up, or I take a break. That way I don’t let myself delve into stronger negative emotions for little reason. If something really is wrong – like a wrong order at a restaurant – I get it corrected without angst. If I get wildly cranky I forgive myself, try to figure out why it happened, and am more aware of that going forward.

Do you get swept away in strong negative feelings at times? Do you get a sense of what causes it? Stress hormones cause physical damage to the body. Is there a way to redirect the energy in another way?

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