Girl At School – Does She Like Me?

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Here’s a question from one of our visitors. What would you suggest he do?

Hey, there’s this gal at school. She’s a sophomore, and I’m a senior. For a long time we’ve been making eye contact when we’re in the same room.

Does that mean she likes me?

By the way, the only thing she does is stare at me. I haven’t seen any other signs that she might like me. For example, after she passes by me she doesn’t turn around and look back at me or anything like that.

I’ve been trying to talk to her for a long time but every time I have the chance to do it i lose my nerve.

A friend of mine suggested that he go up to her and to this other gal that my crush hangs out with. He could tell my crush that she should hang out more with English people (like me). My friend could then say that he knows some guys (meaning me)!

Do you think that would work?

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