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Help Me Flirt! :

Hey, this is the ULTIMATE guide to flirting, so lets start with the basics.

Getting his attention:

Most of you know this one, so skip it if you want to. Okay, lets get started. Glance across the room at them, every 10 seconds or so. When you catch their gaze, hold it for 3-4 seconds, and look DOWN. After 15 seconds, do this again, and this time, smile at the last second.
This will tell them your interested.


When you are with him, talking, make sure you are crossing your legs. Rub your neck or chest a little, and it will make him look down at your... Well, you know! Right when he looks down, look up. When he tells a joke, laugh subtly, like, hehehehehe, with a giggle. Not BWAHA! HAHAHA! OMG THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!! TELL ME AGAIN! That will make him think your a weirdy, and he's right.
While talking, look up for periods of 2-10 seconds, and when looking down play with the palm of you right hand, but NEVER, and I mean, NEVER crack your knuckles. It is impolite and unattractive! Don't interrupt him either.

Fall for Me, Boy!

I'm now going to tell you how to get him to like you. Laugh at his jokes, hang around him, "accidently" touch him on the knee, elbow, w/e is closest to you and pretend you didn't notice, flirt "Tips on flirting next", don't flirt with his friends, don't seem desperate, if he wants to go out with you but asks you on Wednesday, SAY NO! *I know it doesn't make sense, just do it*, call him to ask for help with homework, but don't act stupid, wear something sexy once a week, on monday or on tuesday, and make sure he sees, sit an inch closer to him every time you talk, whisper so he has to get close to hear you! Do all this, and you'll have anyone falling for you!


Flirting comes natural to most people, but not to others, like me. I may seem good, but I really wasn't at first. You may be among the flirtibly challenged. These are the tips on how to make him want more!
Twirl your hair. When he looks, twirl it SUBTLY, run you fingers through it, flip it every 3 minutes or so, and wear it in a pony tail, rip out the hair tie, and shake your head, not too fast, getting your hair free. Do this when he's by you, or talking to you.
Wear SHORT shorts, rub your hands along your thighs. Don't wear a lotion with a humiliating smell (Trust me, huggies lotion leads to a BAD experience) and play with your knees a little. Also, wear spaghetti straps, and let your bra strap shows. It shows you have good size buzzums, which a guy always likes! Don't be a brat though.
Say something like, "Wow, my lips are smooth..." While fingering your lips. Bring some chapstick, popular brand, and put it on while talking to him... Careful not to overload!

This is all I, Lani Loverlicious (Soon to be Master of Love) can tell you. I'll be making a website soon... And I hope you'll find it. Remember, never forget to Love(rlicious)!

About Me:
This may seem STUPID, But I'm a 12-year-old. I've had many experiences with love, and Loverlicious is NOT my last name. But, being I wanna master love and become a great author to a series of books with dating tips, I'm going to start calling myself that. I'm a brunette with somewhat tan skin. My mom is from the Philippines, my dad an american, but from the European decent. So, I'm half white, half asian. LOVERLICIOUS IT! Lol, Corny...

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