Funny you should mention that lol.
Most of my postings are in the bird section but as you have noticed I have been straying a little to the other sections.
I love that PDM put in a marriage topic as I have many funny stories that have happened over the years but I do have to pace myself plus I really need to pull myself away from this computer once in awhile especially this week as all my kids are coming home for Christmas this coming week-end and I'M NOT READY.
This Christmas is going to be fun we now have 3 grandchildren this year we went from 1 to 3. Drew our oldest is so funny he comes out with the craziest things now He turns 5 in Jan.
The other two (girls) were born this year. I was so excited finally some girls to buy fun things for (I had 2 sons).
I was not on the forum for some time as I was knitting like crazy and I now have a sweater project going for Drew but now that I got hooked back into the forum that has taken a little back seat. This is addicting.
Also for our anniversary my husband got me a new (music) keyboard so I have been spending lots of time on that the birds love it and Nacho (our tiel) has to sit right on my hand as I'm playing (Don't think that that isn't fun). He is a real hoot he bopps his head up and down to the beat of the music.
Well enough of my rambling.

My name is Connie