Yes I love music. What is so funny though is that I took music lessons starting at 5 on the accordion of all things. Then went to the piano (did both together for a while) then in my teens went to organ. My mom and I fought all the time over practicing
(I hated it then).
Well now I can sit for literally hours playing the time just flies good thing my husband like to listen to me otherwise I would probably drive him crazy playing for so long.
He got me my first keyboard about 5 years ago and I have played just about every day since. Can't sing though (I really really can't) I do envey those who can.
And I'm not that great at playing thats why it all for fun and our enjoyment. My husband thinks I'm great so that's all that counts. I'm trying to teach Nacho rock around the clock.
He knows the notes only gets them sort of mixed up. I can't sing but I can whistle.
I learned how when I was pretty young and I think I drove everyone nuts when I first learned how. My grandpa use to call me a bird.

My name is Connie