It's sort of funny lots of the posts don't seem to be getting to many responses lately.

Anyway sounds like you had a really nice wedding. My son and his wife had a small wedding (our youngest) and it was so nice it was really relaxing you felt like it was just a big party.
They got married at a lodge and was mostly family and a few friends. Anyway just about everyone who attended stayed there. They had these beautiful cabins that you could rent and it was right on the shore of Lake Superior. We all partied the night before the wedding at the cabin rented by my sons in-laws. Then the wedding the next day out doors and it did start to drizzle but was not to bad it was still beautiful with the lake as a back drop. Then after the wedding we all got back in our comfortable clothes and kept the party going again in the cabin.
The cabins were just beautiful very rustic even though you could tell they were fairly new. Each cabin slept 10 people and then there was the main lodge.
I have to say it was one of the nicest weddings I have been to I think just because it was so relaxing.
So for everyone out there that does not think they can aford a wedding you don't have to go large for it to be really nice.

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