At work I use Greased Lightning and Clorox cleanup and Mr, Clean, mostly, and VERY hot water. They are really heavy duty and clean fast. I rinse with a LOT of water. Really, rinsing with a LOT of water is the key to getting something really clean. The less scrubbing, the better in my job. But I also use dishwashing liquid any time I can, so I won't be breathing fumes so much. Dishwashing liquid works the best on refigerators. IMHO. Greased Lightning works better and faster than any "oven cleaner". Clorox cleanup cleans the bathrooms fast and disinfects with a minimum amount of scrubbing. If all else fails, I use Comet or Ajax for the tub. I use a steam cleaner for the floors. It sanitises with the heat and cleans really fast.

For my home I use the steam cleaner on the floors, without cleaner, because my animals walk on the floors and lick their feet. I close the door and use the Clorox Cleanup in the bathroom tub, toilet and sink. That way, no fumes get to the birdies. I open the window and let it air out a long time, and again, the steam cleaner on the floor with no cleaner.

For the cages, I use a green scrubber and ACV, in the bathtub.
Alcohol is good to use on the food dishes and toys, with a good rinse after.

I recently read that they have a "Steam Cleaner" for things besides floors. Tubs, sinks, anything really. I'm going to check into this when I have time. I think that would be worth using. You do not use cleaners, because the hot steam cleans and disinfects!

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