Right now there is a bit of a carpet in the livingroom. It's the last carpet in this house - we found good old reliable linoleum under all the other rooms. But under the livingroom there is just plywood.

So I am pricing some wood-looking and stone-looking linoleum to see if the landlord would be willing to work with me on some kind of upgrade.

Anyway, yeah, steam cleaners rock. I like uprights for large work and the Little Bissel Green Machine for small jobs and upholstery. I will need to keep a lookout for a used upright steamer for my floors once I have this wretched carpet out.

I also have a wonderful little shop vac with a TON of tiny attachments, for when i want to get all detaily.

I have lots of microfiber towels for cleaning things, and use a Murphy's Oil Soap for cleaning wood. YUM!