Lisa, I also love the steam cleaners for carpet. But I was talking about a steam cleaner for FLOORS. They are amazing. My boss paid around $90 for it, but the way it cleans is great. You do not use any cleansers because the HOT steam cleans and sanitizes by itself. The only time I have to use a cleanser is if there is grease marks on there. Like, one time somebody kept their motorcycle in the dining room! And scuff marks of course.
For those I use the trusty green scrubber and Mr. Clean.

We have a lot of apartments with the stained concrete and they are hard to clean. Plus a lot of people don't do any cleaning from lease to lease ending! The steam cleaner s wonders on them. Then I slap a coat of Mop and Glow on there and it looks brand new.

Dinah, Tweetymom

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