Advertising with RomanceClass

RomanceClass has provided personal, insightful tips and advice for many years, and receives over 2 million page views each month. Our visitors are equally divided between male and female, and primarily fall into the teenager through 40 year old range. Our site is divided up into logical areas, so we can target people who are dating, people who are looking for a new partner, people who are in an established marriage, and more.

The RomanceClass site has a reputation for the highest quality. Our visitors pay attention to what we recommend, and click on the links that we provide. We never run pop-up, pop-under or intrusive ads. Because of this, our visitors have a great respect for the links we do provide and our click-through rate is much higher than industry standard.

We have seen extremely high quality results for companies who are targetting a romantically minded group of people. For example, romance books, dating sites, self help books and gift items (flowers, chocolates, lingerie, etc) do extremely well on

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