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How to Overcome Shyness

Every human being is shy to one level or another. We want to be accepted, we don't want to be laughed at. So we are very shy when we talk to strangers and especially to strangers of the opposite sex. We are worried about what we say and how the person will react to us - we are afraid of looking foolish and being rejected.

Just like everything else in life, shyness can be overcome by practicing and getting used to the situation. There's nothing mysterious about shyness. It's a perfectly normal fear. And by becoming more comfortable and more familiar with the acts you're doing, you will become less shy and less nervous about it.

Think of it like dining in a restaurant. The first time you ate in a restaurant, you probably were really shy. Was everybody looking at you? Were you going to use the right fork? Would the waiter laugh at you? Would you choose the right menu option? But after a few times, it became easy. You weren't worried, because you knew what to expect and knew you could manage reasonably well. And even if you screwed up, it wouldn't be a big deal.

That's what this course will teach you about shyness!

Build your Shyness Understanding

This first stage of dealing with Shyness involves becoming more familiar with the issue. Take these 3 steps to understand shyness better - why it happens, and ways to become more comfortable with shyness-causing situations.

Step 1: Read the Advice on Basic Flirting
Read through the Breaking the Ice and the Help Me Flirt tips. Both of these cover situations where you are having your very first contact with the person. In some ways this might seem like the hardest part - but actually it is the easiest part too. You're not going for long dialogues. You're not trying to make a big impression. You are simply trying to become KNOWN - to be put into the "friendly" category instead of the "unfriendly" category. The rest comes later. For now, just say HI.

Step 2: Read some Questions on Asking People Out
Probably one of the most severe places that shyness occurs is when someone asks someone else out. It is a situation where one person is putting their heart on the line - saying in essence, "Do you accept me or do you reject me?" If you look through the Asking Someone Out Questions, you'll realize just how normal and ordinary this shyness is. We ALL have these worries. So your shyness is a normal thing, something to be expected, and something that can be handled.

Step 3: Find Balance in your Life
We have many tips on Finding Contentment and Balance. This is very strongly related to shyness. The more comfortable you are with what you are, the more you accept yourself and what you offer, the less worried you will be about others rejecting you out of hand as being unimportant. I'm not saying to be egotistical. But be COMFORTABLE with what you are, and be happy. Being happy is probably the #1 way to encourage people to like you. People like happy people.

Overcoming your Shyness

Now that you have a better understanding of Shyness, it's time to start becoming a less shy person. Again, shyness is something that every single human has dealt with since the days of the Egyptians. If other people could become less shy, so can you. It's just a matter of becoming comfortable with yourself and with the situations you are in.

Step 1: Start Small - Be Helpful
The best way to overcome shyness is to actually get out there and start interacting with people. And the people you will be the least shy with will be people that you aren't really interested in and won't see again - so there is a low level of worry that you will have to deal with the person again if something goes wrong. So start on in with Shyness Solutions - Step 1!

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