RomanceClass Tip Submission Policy

When RomanceClass first began in 2002, it was solely populated by the tips, suggestions, and information written by owner Lisa Shea. Soon many web visitors asked to be able to submit their own tips, to help share their own thoughts and experiences. It was through this process that RomanceClass began to accept user created tips.

As RomanceClass is used by many teenagers at libraries, on school systems, and on filtered home systems, we need to ensure that every tip is family friendly. This helps to keep RomanceClass's content available for those users.

A question we are sometimes asked is why we do not "fix" the spelling of teenagers who enjoy using text speak. If a teenager writes in with a message of "i lyk this girl for a long tym ..." and this is his normal style of speech, is it really appropriate for us to go through and change his spelling and style to a "British English" style? Doesn't that change the inflection and perhaps in some cases even the meaning of what he wrote? We also get complaints from teenagers when they are trying to understand adult-written messages which use very complicated vocabulary, using words that teenagers simply do not understand. Visitors from India have a different slang than visitors from Australia do.

Because every user is a unique combination of age, background, culture, religion, and nationality, every user speaks with her or her own voice. We feel these voices are powerful and help represent just how varied we all are. Therefore, as much as possible, we allow that user's special, distinctive voice to shine through in their message. Learning to understand people from a variety of backgrounds is a wonderful neuron-building activity and will help you in a variety of situations!

That all being said, there are a few instances in which we will edit and even delete a submitted post. We will not run sexually explicit content on RomanceClass, to ensure the site remains available to all users on all systems. Also, if a post is deliberately derogatory, racist, or hateful, we will not allow that post to run on the site. RomanceClass is about helping all people, from all walks of life, achieve their goals and dreams.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our tip submission policy!

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