Love Letters of Great Men

When Carrie Bradshaw in the "Sex and the City" movie began reading the book Love Letters of Great Men, millions of women wanted to get their hands on the book. Of course, what could be more romantic than an entire book of love letters, written by men!

Unfortunately the "Love Letters of Great Men" book was not real!!

Of course, intrepid authors immediately went out to WRITE the book, and instantly several of them appeared on Amazon after the fact. Those authors were jumping in to benefit from a fake book the movie had created.

In any case, the love letters that spawned this whole rush are real, including the Beethoven one quoted by Big at their wedding ceremony. Here are the actual love letters by great men for you to enjoy and treasure! If you have any other letters you feel should be included in this listing, please let me know! I'm always happy to expand my listing.

Beethoven - powerful musician
Beethoven Love Letter 1
Beethoven Love Letter 2
Beethoven Love Letter 3
Note: This third letter is the one that Big quotes: "ever thine, ever mine, ever ours"

Voltaire - enlightened thinker
Voltaire Love Letter

John Adams - passionate revolutionary
John Adams Love Letter

Vincent Van Gogh - visionary painter
Vincent Van Gogh Love Letter

Dylan Thomas - Welsh poet
Dylan Thomas Love Letter

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Prodigy Pianist
Mozart Love Letter

Napoleon Bonaparte - Intrepid General
Napoleon Love Letter 1
Napoleon Love Letter 2
Napoleon Love Letter 3
Napoleon Love Letter 4