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How can I make someone fall in love with me?


You can't ever make someone love you. Love is about voluntarily feeling strong emotion for someone else. It's like making someone love liver. That person might like liver, or hate it, or love it, but it is something they feel.

If a guy is totally wrapped up in fishing, and fishing is very important to him, and if you hate fishing with a passion and think it's a stupid sport that hurts animals, there is a basic disconnect between you two. No matter what trickery you try to do, the basic incompatability is there. Yes, you can *pretend* to like fishing. But he IS going to find out sooner or later that you hate it. And when he does, he's going to be even more ticked off that you lied to him. Honesty is THE most important thing you can possibly have in a relationship. If you have to lie to get it going, it's doomed.

Real love is based on two people truly being in love with the *real* person that they see. Someone who really loves you *will* love you for what you are, exactly are you are NOW. You have to also love that person for what they ARE, good *and* bad. You can't ignore the bad. You can't assume they will change! If you have to trick the person, or change yourself, or do certain things, it's simply not love.

Don't settle for someone you have to fool into being fond of you. No matter how cute or handsome you think they are, you will get annoyed VERY quickly when they don't "change to suit your needs". And it's not fair to *expect* them to change just to make you happy. Find someone who truly loves you for what you are, the way you are. Find someone who you really appreciate FULLY - that you are happy with and content with. Find someone who treats you well, and who you can disagree with *without* fighting. Find a best friend. That kind of love is the kind that lasts forever.