Why Waite For Sex From A Guys Perspective

Try to waite it out for a long while. at best waite till marriage,that is the best way to go. You might regret it. if your virginity means alot to you then dont give it to the fist person who comes around. if your partener wants it tell him/her no. explain why, it will be easier for them to understand. if they leave you because you wont give out then you made the right descion he would have left you anyway once he got what he wanted. guys you wacth out too girls will do the same thing!if you partener prosists, if your willing do other "favors" for them.please them in other ways.just ask for it. if they say no then respect them and thier descion. you should try to control yourself as well as they do.Oh, never give in to the moment!!!!