Pregnant woman & Sex

Tip 1,never ever prashr,your loved one ,by demanding sex ,,NO,,becuz it might piss her off,alot ,,she is having to worry about & go thou so much crap being pregnent,,(being sick,tried,eating right,whormons* some over things..:)I a'm having a baby really soon,,so iv been thou this ,im triey to help yeh,im might be a little drunk,,,but .doing cut me off please,,,i can teachyou +man++
Tip 2.take careof your sweet heart,be nice gilltle*treat her like shes the alpha omaga...A (goddess)somtimes they got dont what to hve sex...and other times she will:) ok
_This depmends on the girl thou...but dont fight about it work with eachother probules... stay close,soh that you lovee e'm alot& sex isent everthing right now there are many other worres abut being a parent.. but sex with pregnant girl are the best, no condom needed im dumb but trying to be seris.. okay by