The most tender and loving kiss!

you have ot be in love for it to mean as much to you as it does ot me and my boyfriend!
right, so, you and your bf/gf are sitting on the sofa together, your hugging close and your desperetly want to kiss your partner.

Guys - kiss the top of her head and gently lean in for a kiss, if she kisses you back then keep kissing her, slowly move her so that she is laying down and your leaning over her. Kiss her gently (no tongues) and get her wanting you, place your hand gently on her waist and start kissing wiht tongues! its such a lovely feeling!

Girls - look up at him and stare intently into his eyes, make him want you, gently move your lips closer to his and kiss him, if he kisses back continue kissing, put your arm round his back and move yourself under him. Play with his hairas you kiss him softly (no tongues) then pull back a little and look at him, smile then retunr to the kissing (with tongues!), get into it and its an amazing feeling!

have fun!